Want Siri For Android? Try this…

Virtual Assistant apps have come a long way since they were first introduced. What was once a fun novelty is now a feature that some people find invaluable.

If you’re wondering why virtual assistant apps are becoming more and more popular, read on to find out what these apps offer. Here is a list of the best Siri alternatives for Android users.

Google Now

Google Now is Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri. Google Now leverages the full power of Google’s resources to create a personalized experience. It understands your schedule and tries to anticipate your needs, such as telling you about upcoming traffic. read more

Best Apps and Websites for Identifying Songs

Have you ever heard a great song in a movie or while you’re in a store that you wish you could listen to again? Do you have songs stuck in your head but you can’t remember the title?

If so, then check out this list of ten popular sites and services which can be used to find out what song is playing.


Siri: iPhone users don’t need extra software. You can identify a song by activating Siri and asking her what song is playing. You can say “Siri, name that tune” and start playing the song.

SpotSearch for Spotify (Lite): This app allows you to search for a song using its lyrics instead of playing it. The Lite version has ads, which are removed if the full version is bought. read more

The Best Reverse Image Search Engines

Have you ever needed to know where a picture came from, or if a picture was real or fake? If so, then this article will help you learn more about reverse image search engines and how they can help you.

I have compiled a list of the best reverse image search engines and apps for you to choose from, as well as the various ways you can use images search.

The Best Reverse Image Search Engines and Apps

Google Images

Google Images is a convenient choice for Google Chrome users. Just right-click on the image and choose “search Google for this image.” With other browsers, simply drag the image to the image search bar, or copy-paste the link. read more

21 Gmail Hacks, Extensions, Tips and Tricks

Every day, I get a lot of emails and it takes me hours to sort through them. It became hard to focus on the important stuff, and this compelled me to look for solutions to look for solutions.

I’ve put together this list so I can help others get their email under control and get back to using it for what it’s really meant for: receiving information and communicating with others.

Here are 21 hacks, extensions, tips, and tricks for a hassle-free Gmail experience.

Note: Don’t forget to click the “Save Changes” button every time you change a settling. read more

15 GBA Games Worth Playing

Despite being over a decade old, Game Boy Advance still has a lot to offer today. It’s home to some of the best handheld games available, and I’m not just talking about Pokémon or Mario.

Here are some great games for you to check out. It’s a mix of classics that have stood the test of time and little-known or underrated gems that merit your attention.

The Best Games for the GBA

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Advance 4 is a remake of the very popular Super Mario Bros. 3 for the GBA, and it is the most polished Mario game on the GBA. It’s a fun, colorful platform game with a lot of variety. read more

Learn How to Make A Bootable USB from ISO

I have to admit, I have a CD problem. I’ve collected so many CDs over the years—games, and programs combined—and installing them was quite daunting. Thus, I learned to just copy the ISO disc images to my USB drives, and now, I’m going to teach you how to make Bootable USB from an ISO file.

Bootable USB for Windows

First, make sure that you are actually using a USB 3.0 drive—otherwise, this wouldn’t work. For Windows 7 or 10, what you have to do is create the bootable drive with the help of the Windows DVD or USB tool, and make sure you have a legitimate product key. Input the ISO details, and wait for the USB to create a bootable drive! read more

Record Easily with the Best Game Recording Software

I like playing video games, especially Assasin’s Creed and Skyrim—and I found that it’s actually fun to record the way I play. More so, I get to share it with my friends and followers. I’ve been asked a number of times about which game recording software I use, and you know what? I’m here to share them with you. Here are the best game recording software you should try.

Best Game Recording Software for Windows

Action!: Action is truly a great name for this software as it makes your viewers feel like they’re playing the game, too. It has 4k video recording properties, GPU acceleration, time shift mode, and remote access settings. It’s best used on fast computers, though, as RAM usage is heavy. Get it for $49.95, or get the trial version for $29.99. read more

The Best Free Photoshop Alternatives You Should Try

Editing photos is a great pastime. In fact, I find it such a calming, creative juice-inducing experience. But, contrary to popular belief, it’s not just PhotoShop that can help you create the best photos out there. There are free PhotoShop alternatives you can try, and these are…

Free Web-Based Editors

PicMonkey: PicMonkey is a web-based editing program—so it works on all platforms, and you can access it for free. I love this one because of the clarity of output that I get, and its great selection of overlays, effects, fonts, textures, and everything else that can make a photo better. My only concern is that it can sometimes be slow, but otherwise, it’s a great choice. read more

What is Best Screen Recorder? Recommended Screen Recording Software

Have you ever heard of Pewdiepie? Well, he’s an immensely popular YouTuber who shows how he plays games to his legions of fans, or the Bro Army as they are called. Well, he wouldn’t be able to make those videos without screen recording software.

I’m always in awe of being able to capture moments like gaming, and I’m sure, a number of you are, too. If you want to start making videos like the ones Pewdiepie does, well, here are the best screen recording software you can use.

Best Free Recorders

DVDVideoSoft:  If you want to save conversations on Skype, especially if you’re dealing with online meetings and conference calls, this one does the job quite well as it offers crisp and precise output. read more

The Best Video Editing Software for All Platforms

Have you ever wanted to create a movie or montage of sorts, and felt like you’re not using the right video editor? I experienced this a lot back in college since I took up a media-related course.

Years later, while working in an advertising firm, I realized just how important using the best video editing software is to get your message across. Thus, I decided to write this post to help you guys out there who are having a hard time finding the right video editor to use. Here are your best bets… read more