Best 2.1 Computer Speakers

Most people, like you, use computers as a one-stop source of entertainment. But some computer speakers produce crappy sounds that lower your level of enjoyment. To make your usage of computer more enjoyable, you should choose the best 2.1 computer speakers that will match your needs.

A 2.1 Computer Speaker is comprised of a pair of speakers and a subwoofer. It produces clear and balanced sounds that can be heard within a designated range. With this device, you can level up your computer gaming, movie
watching, and music listening experiences.

2.1 Computer Speakers Reviews

Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System


The Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System by Bose is convenient because it’s simple and smart. There are no special softwares or complicated wirings, and the speakers are also mounted on stands thus providing more desktop space.

Moreover, the set is supplied with a pod for the controls.

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Computer Speaker Set VS4621 Octane 7


The VS4621 Octane 7 computer speakers by Altec Lansing have a unique appearance similar to flashlights.

They have micro drivers that are particularly engineered for producing high-pitched sounds clearly and the 6.5 inches subwoofer allows formidable and dark bass sounds. Its components are overall balanced resulting to sounds that are balanced as well.

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Logitech Speaker System Z-2300


The 2.1 speaker system Z-2300 by Logitech produces sound that is THX-certified, with a total output power of 200 watts.

It is equipped with phase plug drivers with aluminum ones at the core of each driver for more accurate and dynamic sound results.

From sweet to thrilling to calm and to very loud music the sonic footprints created by the speakers are very clear.

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Logitech Speaker System Z623


The 2.1 speaker system Z623 by Logitech has an output power of 200 watts and the sounds coming out of the satellite speakers are very powerful, lifelike, and immersive.

It seems to fill up big rooms and deliver impactful and entertaining effects through sound.

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Ballista Trinity Gaming PC Speakers GS315



The Ballista Trinity Gaming PC Speakers GS315 by AVerMedia Technologies Inc. is a 3-way satellite 2.1 speaker system and it has a peak power output of 77 watts. Its design if specifically for gaming.

Not only does it look cool and fit for gaming adventures, its features produce an ambiance suited for experienced gamers with an independent and easy-to-use control pod for less distracting and hassle-free adjustments.

The sound system set also has an Assassin mode for more engaging gaming atmospheres.

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Genius Speaker System SW-G2.1 2000


Genius’s 2.1 Channel Speaker System SW-G2.1 2000 is a well-built system with a total of 45 W output power. The control center’s inputs are clearly labeled, the bass sounds good, and the speakers are aesthetically pleasing, too.

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Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers GS310


AVerMedia Technologies Inc.’s Ballista Unity Gaming Speakers GS310 has a total power output of 40 watts and is particularly for gaming purposes.

The bass is rich and the overall audio is lucid, and the simplicity of its control adjustments is very convenient especially if your concentration is already drilled deep into the game.

The satellite speakers are mountable and the speaker set is compatible with multiple devices from smartphones to tablets to the likes of Xbox’s.

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Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Speakers CA-3550


The 2.1 powered computer speaker system CA-3550 by Cyber Acoustics is convenient to use because of the ease in controlling the volume at arm’s length. It’s ordinary-looking but its separations can cause appealing sound wave interference.

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Genius Speaker System SW-G2.1 1250


The 2.1 Speaker System SW-G2.1 1250 by Genius has a root mean square power of 38 watts. The subwoofer might seem light but all in all the output sounds have their own distinct tones with awe-inspiring quality and clarity.

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Arion Legacy 550 Speakers


The Arion Legacy 550 speakers by Deep Sonar include a 3-inch subwoofer that produces a bold and solid bass output.

This collection is a positive force for your entertainment, providing clear and authentic sound experiences for whatever purposes the speakers are used. It is, however, quite bulky and requires a lot more wiring and adjusting compared to other speakers.

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What is a 2.1 Speaker System?

A 2.1 speaker system has 2 bookshelf speakers and 1 subwoofer. The bookshelf speakers are placed at the right and left side of your home entertainment setup.

The speakers provide sufficient sound and create some perspective with right/left audio sounds, such as when you’re watching a movie in which a car drives from right to left.

The 2 bookshelf speakers generally contain a tweeter and a midbass. The tweeter is used for high-range frequencies and the midbass is for mid-range frequencies.

The “.1” stands for the subwoofer. Package deals for a 2.1 system often come with a passive subwoofer, meaning it obtains all power from the corresponding receiver.

The subwoofer usually handles the low frequency effects. It may vary in size and the owner needs to make enough room for it so that it can properly produce sound.

A 2.1 speaker system is ideal for those who are concerned about the bass performance in their music. It’s also good for casual gamers and those who often watch films.

Factors to Consider when Buying Computer Speakers

2.1 speaker systems are easier to set up and can produce better sound quality for a particular room. However, not all speakers are created equal. Consider these factors when making your decision:

Compatibility and Functionality: Get a speaker that is compatible with more devices and not just your PC, so you can play content from your tablet, smartphone, and other external sources if you wish to.

Adaptability and portability: In the event that you move to another home or apartment, a portable and adaptable speaker system offers easy transport and re-installation.

Accessories: Most of the accessories that come with the speaker system may not influence the actual quality of sound, but having a remote control and other extras promote more convenient operation.

Usage: Choose a versatile speaker setup, which fits multiple types of usage. For example, you may want surround-sound when watching movies on Netflix but not when you’re watching regular YouTube clips.

Cost: You do not need to spend a lot on a speaker system. Speakers are not as futureproof as other tech products. In the coming years, there will likely be an updated version of the system you currently have.

Advantages of Using 2.1 Computer Speakers

2.1 systems provide a “big” sound even from a smaller space. Since there are only 3 speakers in total, the whole unit takes up less space compared to 5.1 units.

A 2.1 speaker system is easy to set up. You simply place the 2 main speakers at either side of your TV and the subwoofer right behind.

Avoid placing the subwoofer close to the wall as it can get a bit “boomy.” Position it next to the front speakers or behind the TV.

There are only 2 front speakers, so you won’t need to trail the wires around the bedroom or lounge to rear speakers. This offers more convenience than 5.1 systems.

A 2.1 setup offers an ideal enhancement to the tinny, low-powered speakers that often come with flat screen TVs. It increases your enjoyment when watching films and TV series, and when playing games.

Most of the 2.1 speaker systems today have attractive designs. It can improve the overall appearance of your home entertainment area for a reasonable price.

How to Maintain your Computer Speakers

Dust significantly impairs the performance of speakers. As such, keep them in an area where dust cannot easily get through to the interiors or create a buildup on the net.

Never use liquid cleaners in cleaning the speakers as these can damage the amplifiers. Simply wipe them down with clean, dry cloth and use a vacuum cleaner to blow away dust.

Do not place the speakers near magnetic sources; otherwise, this can damage the built-in electromagnet in the device. Use wooden objects to keep the speakers.

Check proper connection jacks and plugging procedures. Connecting the jacks on the wrong channels can blow your system up. To prevent overheating, keep the vents unblocked and away from direct sunlight.

Provide adequate ventilation to enhance the life of your speakers. You can place fans near them to keep them cool, especially during times of intense performance.

Follow the procedures provided in the maintenance guide manual of your speakers. These manuals often give detailed instructions, tips and advice on how to prolong the life of your equipment.