Best 6.5 Car Speakers

You couldn’t deny that listening to music while driving makes your trips more fun and relaxing. If you want to make your trips more enjoyable, you should consider upgrading your car speakers to the best 6.5” car speakers available in the market.

6.5” Car Speakers produce high quality sounds that could boost your mood. Compared to normal car speakers, 6.5” Car Speakers have a higher bass level and doesn’t produce distorted sounds.

6.5 Car Speakers Reviews

JBL GTO638 3-Way Speaker Pair


The JBL GTO638 3-way speaker pair by Harman Kardon has a patented subwoofer cone and the quality of its tweeter is as if the speakers are made for home theater.

Its subwoofer cone has a rubber surround and the tweeter is made of mylar-titanium.

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C2-650 Component Speaker System


The 6.5 inches 2-way C2-650 Component Speaker System by JL Audio has a total output power of 100 watts. Its polypropylene cone is filled with Mica and the pair of speakers has a metallic extraterrestrial appearance.

The sounds produced are strong, accurate and clean especially when installed, tuned, and powered correctly.

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Euro Fit Compatible Speaker P1650


The 6.5-inch 2-way Full Range Euro Fit Compatible Speaker P1650 by Rockford Fosgate produce professional sounds that will make you feel like a concert is happening in your car. Its propylene cone is filled with molded mineral.

It’s a small speaker and its bass is not too heavy so the volume can be cranked up without any worry.

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SPR-60C Car Audio Component System


Alpine’s SPR-60C Car Audio Component System is a pair of 6.5-inch diameter speakers. This audio system has all its components built into a single unit, with the tweeter centered on the midrange cone.

Because one speaker’s peak power is over 100W, the audio set might sound better with an amplifier.

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DB651 Car Speakers


The DB651 Car Speakers by Polk Audio are Marin Certified with a subwoofer cone filled with polymer/mica minerals. It has 3/4″ silk/polymer tweeters that are liquid cooled and the sounds are also decent.

Not only can the speakers be installed in cars, they can also be used for home theaters and function just as well.

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DB6501 Component System


The DB6501 2-way Component System of Polk Audio has adaptor rings that make it easier for the db6501 to fit in applications and it also portrays the appearance of brand new car parts.

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Speaker Set


The SPR-60 Coaxial 2-Way Speaker Set by Alpine is a pair with 6.5 inches of diameter for each one. Each pair comes with grilles, mounting hardware and speaker brackets.

You might also want to connect an external amplifier to the speakers to improve the harmonies.

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KFC-1665S Car Speakers


The KFC-1665S Car Speakers by Kenwood is a set of two 400W speakers and one 300W speaker.

The speaker set is easily not as competitive as some speakers but it’s still a refreshing installment to your car especially if you’re using them to replace worn out speakers.

You can surely notice the difference in the sound quality then.

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R165X3 Prime Coaxial Speaker


The R165X3 Prime Coaxial Speaker by Rockford Fosgate has a cone made of vacuum polypropylene and the rim is surrounded by rubber. It can handle a root mean square power of 45W and a maximum of 90W.

Its midrange and tweeter is silk dome and they also have grilles for better appearance.

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62.11I Kappa Series Coaxial Speakers


The 62.11I Kappa Series Coaxial Speakers by Infinity Kappa can handle up to 225 W of power per pair. The material for its cone are glass fibers injected with carbon and the tweeters are made of fabric.

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How to Select the Best 6.5” Car Speakers

While your car’s built-in speakers may belt out sufficient sound, you may want to enjoy a more booming sound from the aftermarket speakers. When you choose the best 6.5 car speakers, know some factors before you buy such speakers.

Sound Quality: Choose between component and coaxial speakers. Coaxial speakers can be easily installed and can replace original equipment manufacturer (OEM) speakers. Component speakers provide accurate and precise sound.

Sensitivity and Power: Speakers are rated through continuous average power. Wattage may not be everything. However, if the speaker has a higher average power, the more volume it may have. Sensitivity is how speakers optimally utilize decibel power per watt.

Materials: Choose good quality materials as materials utilized for every component of a speaker can greatly affect the produced quality of sound. Choose woofer cones with stiffer materials. Depending on their materials, tweeters can be snappy or mellow.

Crossovers: External crossovers come with several speakers. Crossovers “assign” the notes that go to the tweeter and the woofer. When choosing 6.5” car speakers, make sure the crossovers have a clear delineation to bring out the best sound.

Frequency Response: From bright highs to resonant depths, audio comes in various frequencies measured in Hz (hertz). The frequency response gives the range of tones it can produce. Choose speakers based on the speaker range’s quality and quantity.

Advantages of Having 6.5” Car Speakers

Car speakers may just be an afterthought, and vehicle manufacturers may not bother too much about the built-in speakers’ sound quality. You may notice the difference in sound when you switch out your factory-installed speakers for aftermarket 6.5” car speakers.

Better designs equate to better sounds. Aftermarket 6.5” speakers’ designs look more sophisticated than those of aftermarket speakers. Aftermarket speakers also have more cutting-edge crossover circuits.

Such circuits divide frequencies into low, midrange, and high frequency ranges. The signals are then transmitted to the right drivers, lows to the woofers and highs to the tweeters.

Better materials for improved performance and long life. Aftermarket 6.5” speakers are made with durable materials that can withstand excessive use and harsh environments. Such materials also help the speakers deliver quality sonic performance.

Branded speakers can be more viable. Adding new aftermarket 6.5” car speakers can be an effective way to improve your car audio system. You may notice a difference in sound even if you are not replacing factory speakers.

Types of 6.5” Speakers

The size of the 6.5” car speakers make them popular. Such speakers can belt out a range of low to high frequencies while not sacrificing sound clarity. 6.5” car speakers are also the most versatile among other aftermarket speakers.

1” to 2” Speakers. The size of the speakers can also affect the sound’s quality. Tweeters, the small-sized speakers, fit into a larger speaker setup. They can also be installed in user-designated areas.

2” to 3.5” Speakers. The mid-range to high-range speakers can fit in a number of cars’ dashboards. They are located close to the driver’s seat. When upgrading speakers, they should not be forgotten.

5” to 5.5” Speakers. The 5” size is usually installed in Japanese vehicles. Such speakers are also popular as they can fit into various ports. They also play a wide variety of sounds.

6” x 8” Speakers. While not used universally, these speakers are excellent overall as they can produce a wide range of sounds. The speakers’ installation, however, may need some car interior modification.

6” x 9” Speakers. These speakers can produce the deepest bass, even without subwoofers. They can fit into most vehicles and can be installed after slight speaker port modifications.

How to Install 6.5” Car Speakers

Installing 6.5” car speakers can be a do-it-yourself project. Things you need for the DIY installation include: 8 metal brackets, 8 pcs. 1.5” bolts to fit the mounting holes, 8 bolt lock washers, and 8 nuts.

Step 1: Remove the door panel screws, OEM speaker covers, and the door panel. Before you detach the door panel, make sure you unhook the power windows’ connectors from the door panel’s other side.

Step 2: Remove the factory speaker “buckets” and the factory speakers. Remove the screws in the car’s installed speakers. Afterwards, remove the “buckets,” which is a large door plastic. Its color is black.

Step 3: Mount the new speakers. One at a time, fasten the metal brackets. Tighten down bolts so the replacement 6.5” speakers won’t slide. With bolts tightened, flip the panel and place the speaker in the center. Tighten the hardware.

Some speakers may fit better. That depends on the size of the cover’s surrounding edge. As your hardware is tight, your 6.5” speakers won’t fall out. Make sure to use the right-sized bolts and lock washers.

Step 4: Once you have mounted the speakers, remount the door panel. Just remember that you need to attach the speakers to the wire. As the existing wire may not be sufficiently long, you may need to have more wire.