Best Bicycle Speakers

When music is added to an activity, such as bicycling, it makes that certain activity more fun. To boost your music and bicycling experience, you should look for the best bicycle speakers available in the market.

Bicycle speakers can sometimes be wired or wireless. They can also be rechargeable or battery-operated. These speakers will give you the pleasure of listening to a good music while having a breath of fresh air.

Bicycle Speakers Reviews

ECEEN Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The ECEEN Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is a practical accessory. It functions both as a speaker and a case to store phones, chargers, sunglasses, and other small items. It can also be secured to the front handlebars for easy access.

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Outdoor Tech OT1301 Buckshot


The Buckshot Bluetooth speaker by Outdoor Technology has a unique geometric design that is rugged and waterproof. It can be attached to bikes, backpacks, and even trees to provide music to your campsite.

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SCOSCHE boomBOTTLE+ Rugged Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The boomBOTTLE speakers by Scosche function as a speaker for biking, but they can also be used as a loud, portable stereo for parties or camping. The two speakers can be connected wirelessly to amplify the sound and entertain groups of people.

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Bluetooth Speaker, Foneso F1 Portable Wireless Player


The Foneso F1 speaker comes with a remote control that allows you to choose songs, change volume without reaching for the speaker, and play a bike horn sound. It’s suitable for those who want more control over their music.

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Ivation Bike Beakon: Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speakers & MP3 Player


The Ivation Bike Beakon offers multiple ways to play music. You can stream music from Bluetooth devices, attach it to a non-Bluetooth device, or put your music in a microSD card. It also functions as an FM Radio and flashlight.

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Wireless Speaker, Venstar Waterproof Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker, 6w Strong Speaker Driver Passive Radiator


This Venstar Bluetooth speaker is built to withstand many conditions. It’s ideal for heavy outdoor use. You can bring it to beaches and mountains and listen to music or the radio for up to 8 hours, perfect for long hikes.

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See Me Here – BV350 Sports Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers


The BV350 Sports Outdoor Portable Bluetooth Speakers by See Me Here allows you to be productive while biking. You can make calls and set voice reminders hands-free, and play music over Bluetooth or from a microSD card.

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16W 360 degree Wireless Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker


This waterproof speaker by Celtic Blu is best for bikers who need loud speakers that can connect to devices from 100 feet away. It’s ideal for people who don’t want to attach speakers to their bikes to enjoy high-quality sound.

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TRAKK ACTIV NEW Model 16W Bike Speaker


The TRAKK ACTIV has 360-Degre sound, with speakers on all sides that can fill up a room or be heard clearly outdoors. It functions as a USB charger, making it ideal for people who want to travel light.

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iwerkz Bottle Blaster Bluetooth Bike Speaker


The iwerkz Bottle Blaster is designed to fit in your bike or backpack’s water bottle holder—no need for special attachments. It has a rugged, non-slip casing that keeps it secure, and large speakers to deliver superior superior sound quality.

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How to Select a Bicycle Speaker

Bicycle speakers are not as common as other types of speakers, which is why there are some unique considerations when choosing the best bicycle speaker to purchase.

Clarity, sound quality and volume levels are among the first things that one should put into consideration when choosing the right speakers to opt for.

If you cycle on noisy places such as roads with loud traffic, you would want to cut through all of that with a better volume level.

The size of the case is an important thing to consider since you must be certain that they will go well with your phone or other electronic device.

Disposable and rechargeable batteries both have different pros and cons. In most cases, choosing between these power supply options would simply be based on personal preference.

Flexible mounts and Velcro bands are among the most common mounting choices there is. Velcro is the option you might want to go for if you plan to move the speakers from time to time. The firm brackets are much tougher but they are not able to offer this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bicycle Speakers

Is there any protection from the rain? The best bicycle speakers have such protection on their case. They are also usually protected against other harsh weathers.

Can they be charged using a power bank? Yes. However, this can only be possible if you have the right cables that can connect the power bank to the speakers.

Is it possible for me and my bicycle club to play the same music at the same time on our speakers? Yes. There are speakers that can synchronize through Bluetooth.

In most cases, this can only be possible if you are using the same bicycle speaker brand and model with your club. When using the Bluetooth technology, you will only need a single smart phone or tablet to play and control the music and of course, your distance from each other should be within the range of the Bluetooth.

Can these products be used on children’s bicycles? Of course, they can. You just have to be certain that the children are already old enough to handle and operate the electronic device that will be connected to the speakers.

Can bicycle speakers be used on other workout equipment? Yes, they can if you are able to mount or attach them to the equipment just like you would on a bicycle.

How to Use a Bicycle Speaker

If you already have your bicycle speaker ready, the next thing you will need in order to use and secure it is a bicycle speaker mount.

A bicycle speaker mount holds a bicycle speaker securely in place regardless of where you want to go and what type of road you will be going through.

Most of the bicycle speakers have a port for a micro SD card where you can store the music you want to play on the road.

You can either connect the bicycle speaker directly to a computer using a USB cord or remove the micro SD card from the speaker, insert it on a memory card reader and then connect it to a computer to add and remove files.

To charge the bicycle speakers, you simply need to connect them to their appropriate adaptors or to a computer using the USB cables that they come with.

There are also some bicycle speakers that allow a Bluetooth connection. Through this, you can simply use your Bluetooth enabled smart phone to play the tracks you want on your bicycle speakers.

Care to Take When Using the Best Bicycle Speakers

There is not much maintenance needed to keep a bicycle speaker going. One can actually run just fine for years even with just little maintenance.

One of the most crucial factor that needs to be considered when it comes to choosing which bicycle speaker to opt for is the battery life.

You can maintain the health of the battery of your bicycle speaker if you charge it well. It must be fully charged before you plug it out.

The protection of each bicycle speakers are merely based on the case they have. It is still best to go an extra mile in taking care of them to lengthen their lifespan.

If you have the right cables and you want to charge your bicycle speakers using a power bank, you have to be certain that the output voltage of the power bank matches what your speakers can handle.

It is highly important to be certain that your bicycle speakers are waterproof or at least able to be driven and played outdoors even when it is raining.