Best Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth is so popular nowadays, and its popularity made it become an another way to enjoy things life has to offer. If you have a lot of Bluetooth devices and you want to go wireless, the best bluetooth adapter is absolutely what you need.

A Bluetooth adapter, also called bluetooth dongles, lets you connect your Bluetooth devices to your laptop or pc. You just have to plug it into a USB port. Common Bluetooth devices that require adapters are mice and keyboards.

Bluetooth Adapter Reviews

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter


This adapter by Plugable Technologies is a compact and unnoticeable way to add bluetooth support to Windows or Linux laptops. It doesn’t add bulk or weight, which makes it portable and ideal for travel.

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Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Music Streaming Sound System, Esinkin® Wireless Audio Adapter


This Bluetooth audio speaker by Esinkin allows you to easily stream music to your devices without compromising sound quality. It works with most speakers and has a long range, suitable for large spaces.

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Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter


The Logitech Bluetooth adaptor is for music lovers who want to stream high-quality audio wirelessly. It’s also easy to use; audio devices can be connected by just pressing a button.

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Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter


The Kinivo BTD-400 Bluetooth Adapter lets you easily use Bluetooth devices with your Windows laptop without draining battery. It is portable and ideal for people who need a minimal Bluetooth adapter.

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Bluetooth Adapter, Amotus USB Bluetooth 4.0



The Amotus Bluetooth Adapter is for those who need to easily add Bluetooth functionality to several devices. It can support up to 7 devices simultaneously, making it ideal for families.

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Avantree Bluetooth Adapter 4.0


The Avantree Bluetooth Adapter is a portable solution for those who need bluetooth on the go. It is compatible with the Windows operating system and connect with speakers, keyboards, mouses, and cellphones.

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ASUS USB Adapter with Bluetooth


This USB Adapter by ASUS is suitable for those who want a simple Bluetooth adaptor for their Windows laptop or PC. It provides 10 meters in free space, perfect for offices or rooms.

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Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter


The Bluetooth 4.0 Transmitter by TaoTronics enables you to turn your TV, music player, or Kindle Fire into a Bluetooth-transmitting device. They are paired with Bluetooth receivers, which lets you to stream and transfer audio or videos to those devices.

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Cricut Explore Wireless Bluetooth Adapter


The Explore Wireless Bluetooth Adapter by Cricut is for people with the Cricut Explore machine. It allows you to keep your creative workspace free of wires and it lets you continue designing on your tablet or phone.

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Medialink Bluetooth Adapter – USB to Bluetooth 4.0


The Medialink Bluetooth Adapter is a simple way to connect to Bluetooth devices or wirelessly share files. This is ideal for those who want to add Bluetooth to their devices without adding extra weight or bulk.

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Types of Bluetooth Adapters

If do not have the right wires but you want your electronic devices to connect to each other, then Bluetooth technology is what you need. Through this, you can broadcast data through radio waves and pass it from one device to another within approximately 33 feet.

There are different types of adapters that can enable you to connect two devices through Bluetooth though one of them might not have Bluetooth capabilities.

Bluetooth Adapter for Computer: This can allow you to wirelessly transfer or share information from a computer to an electronic device or vice versa without the need to install any software on your computer.

Bluetooth Headset Adapter: This type of adapter can allow a phone that has Bluetooth technology to broadcast music to a headset that is not Bluetooth enabled.

Bluetooth Adapter for Mobile Phones and Mp3 Players: This Bluetooth adapter can enable your Mp3 players, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod to connect to headphones or speakers that are Bluetooth-enabled.

You can easily find the Bluetooth adapter that will suit your need. Most Bluetooth adapters do not need any software installation for your device which makes them highly convenient.

How to Select a Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter is usually just a Bluetooth chip connected to a USB thumb drive. It enables a computer or an electronic device without a build-in Bluetooth capability to connect to other devices wirelessly.

One of the first things you should look at when choosing the best Bluetooth adapter is the class it belongs to. This is important since it determines the transmission range of a Bluetooth device.

Most people only need a wireless range of 10 meters or less to connect their electronic devices to one another which is why class 2 Bluetooth adapters are highly sought out.

In case you need more range than that, a class 1 Bluetooth adapter would be the ideal choice. It can connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices within 100 meters.

The best Bluetooth adapter should be compatible with different systems of computers and/or electronic devices. There are Bluetooth adapters that are only compatible with IOS and others that can only be used for Windows.

In most cases, a Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter is the most ideal option for computers, electronic devices and their accessories. They can transmit data to most of the devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

How to Use a Bluetooth Adapter

It is quite easy to use the different kinds of Bluetooth adapters. In most kinds of Bluetooth adapters, especially the headset and mobile phone adapters, you only need to connect it to the proper port.

An electronic device that has a Bluetooth adapter attached to it will automatically be able to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker or headset and vice versa.

Bluetooth adapters for computers only need to be placed on a USB port. It will automatically be detected by the computer. You should have the proper drivers needed for this device.

After that, go to your Control Panel and click “Hardware and Sound” then “Add a device” if you are using Windows 7. If you are using Windows XP, simply click “Bluetooth Devices”.

The window ‘Add Bluetooth Device Wizard’ should then show up. Just be certain that the Bluetooth in your device is turned on and that it is made visible to other devices.

After confirming this and clicking the ‘next’ button, your computer should download the proper drivers automatically and start configuring the device. You may have to input a PIN code to connect the computer to your electronic device.

Tips In Using Your Bluetooth Adapter

If your computer and electronic devices are already connected through Bluetooth, they will already be able to communicate wirelessly. This is not only limited to broadcasting music or any type of audio to a speaker or headset.

Bluetooth connection will enable your computer and/or devices to transfer files back and forth wirelessly. In cases when you need to transfer large files or multiple mp3 files, the data transfer could be significantly slower compared to a wired method.

If you need to transfer files between two computers but do not have the right cables to connect them, Bluetooth adapters can be a great alternative. They can connect computers through Bluetooth the same way they can with electronic devices.

If you have an internet connection that is just exclusive for your computer and does not allow you to connect with your smartphone, you can simply tether it through a Bluetooth connection using your adapter.

Connecting a headphone to a computer or electronic device is already a common thing nowadays. However, you should know that this is also possible to other peripherals.

This can be highly useful for devices such as laptop and tablet. Through Bluetooth adapters, you will be able to connect them with a mouse, keyboard, gamepads and printers wirelessly.