Best Bluetooth Receiver

Do you wish to enjoy a wireless music listening experience but your pair of speakers aren’t Bluetooth ready? Thanks to our fast-developing technology, the best Bluetooth Receiver is here to fulfill your wish.

Throwing your good old speakers just to get a Bluetooth-ready one isn’t practical. With a Bluetooth Receiver, which you can install on your old device, you can now upgrade your music experience from being wired to wireless.

Bluetooth Receiver Reviews

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Adapter / Bluetooth Receiver


CoolStream offers this dual-function Bluetooth adapter and receiver. Plug this into the 30-pin connector in the iPod/iPhone docking station. The built-in 3.5mm auxiliary jack can be used to connect with other digital docking stations, car stereos, and stereo receivers.

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Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter


This product built by Logitech works only as a receiver and not as a transmitter. Pairing is easy with just a touch of a button. This receiver allows for multipoint connectivity.

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Anker Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Receiver


Anker created this Bluetooth transmitter and receiver supporting the A2DP profile. It has 1 button to switch between the receiver (RX) and the transmitter (TX) mode.

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Philips AEA2000/37 Bluetooth Hi-Fi Adapter/Receiver


This Bluetooth adapter and receiver created by Philips is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled tablets and phones. Simply connect this device to 3.5mm jacks or analogue RCAs.

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Miccus Home RTX Bluetooth Transmitter or Receiver


Miccus, Inc. equipped this long-range Bluetooth transmitter/receiver with an audio bridge. This feature allows easy streaming to or from any existing AV and stereo equipment.

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HomeSpot NFC-enabled Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Car Audio with Bluetooth Auto-Reconnect


This Bluetooth audio receiver built by HomeSpot can be used for car audio systems. Simply plug this device to the standard 3.5mm jack. It has the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and supports the A2DP profile.

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Brightech – BrightPlay Live – Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver / Adapter


From Amazon is the BrightPlay Live Bluetooth adapter/audio receiver. It allows for music streaming from non-Bluetooth audio components via a Bluetooth device. This device is NFC-enabled (Near Field Communication).

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Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Receiver


Inateck built this Bluetooth receiver with the advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology. This device adopts the high-end CSR chip for premium sound quality. This device is Siri-supported.

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Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Amplifier


Stream music with this Bluetooth audio receiver developed by Amphony. It also functions as a stereo power amplifier. It is super small and delivers 40 watts of RMS power.

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Esinkin Bluetooth Receiver


Stream music from afar with this long-range Bluetooth receiver created by Esinkin. Use this to pair and connect with any NFC-enabled phones, even from up to 30 feet away.

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Types of Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth adapters – There are Bluetooth audio receivers available in the market to make any device Bluetooth-ready. You can plug them into the device to receive Bluetooth signals.

Headset – For busy individuals who prefer hands-free calling, Bluetooth headset receivers are the way to go. This fits perfectly for those who love to multitask.

Bluetooth receiver audio speakers – You can plug these into audio speakers, so you can play music from another device. It offers convenience to music lovers like you.

In-car Bluetooth receiver – Other car models need an in-car Bluetooth receiver for easier phone call conversations and music playing. You can play audio in the car by sending music from mobile devices to the receiver.

Bluetooth FM transmitter – This device comes in handy for cars without a built-in radio. With just one click, users can tune in to local radio stations wherever they are.

Bluetooth receiver for computers – Some computer models do not have built-in Bluetooth receivers. Since this is another way to transfer files without risking computers to viruses, some people use this type of receiver.

How a Bluetooth Receiver Works

Nowadays, taking a call can be a hands-free job. There are even times when other people mistakenly think that you’re talking to yourself while walking in the streets or sitting in a car.

The way Bluetooth receivers work is no magic. Bluetooth works on radio signals on 2.4 GHz band, transmitting data to devices over a short distance.

Bluetooth installed in some mobile devices acts as both the transmitter and the receiver. However, some Bluetooth products sold separately can only do either one of the jobs.

With the help of pluggable Bluetooth receivers, devices that are not equipped with them can receive audio data that are useful for audio playback.

Bluetooth has some limits, though. Basically, it can only work with one paired device. Unlike Wi-Fi connections, you need to pair it to a device. It cannot accommodate more than one device at a time.

Nevertheless, Bluetooth, even with its limited function, brought comfort and convenience to multitaskers and busy people alike. It can transfer not only audio data, but other forms of data as well.

Advantages of Having a Bluetooth Receiver

Hands-free – Users who have headset Bluetooth receivers can walk around the house or the office without the audio breaking down. They can also take calls while performing other tasks.

Bluetooth receivers that that you can connect to audio speakers also provide a hands-free experience. This is good for you if you want to include listening to music in their multitasking.

Connectivity – With the right Bluetooth receiver, users can connect their audio devices to speakers and play music or answer calls. Most Bluetooth receivers are compatible with almost every mobile device and software.

Another feature also sets Bluetooth apart from other transmitters. With Bluetooth, you will have complete control over audio like playing, pausing, or forwarding a track.

Convenience and Comfort – With the right Bluetooth receiver, there will be no need for neck strains that you will most likely experience if you need to use your hands while talking on the phone.

Aside from that, Bluetooth receivers can also eliminate the need to run to answer a phone call. With just one click, and without the need to leave your current task, you will enjoy utmost convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bluetooth Receivers

To increase your knowledge about Bluetooth receivers, here are some questions commonly asked about them. Each question also has its corresponding answer.

Do Bluetooth receivers need to be recharged? Bluetooth receivers, aside from the adapters, have built in batteries, and you need to recharge them if you want to use them regularly. Proper care can extend its battery life.

How many devices can you pair to Bluetooth headset? Bluetooth receivers only work with paired devices. You can only pair one device at a time.

Can I plug my Bluetooth adapter to my radio phone jack to send music to my audio speakers? Bluetooth receivers are different from Bluetooth transmitters. You need to acquire the latter, so you can play music through other devices.

Do Bluetooth receivers automatically turn off if I forget to do so? If paired devices are within range, Bluetooth receivers do not automatically turn off. However, you can expect them to do so without any paired devices around.

Do lags happen with Bluetooth receivers? In some cases, expect a minor lag, 0.5 seconds maximum. In other cases, the audio is transmitted real time.