Best Bluetooth Speakers

Traditional speakers have wires that sometimes end up tattered. And when their wires are tattered, the quality of sound they produce degrades. Good thing the best Bluetooth speakers are now available in the market.

Like any other Bluetooth devices, Bluetooth speakers can be paired with your phone or laptop as long as they’re Bluetooth ready. These speakers won’t let you experience the problems traditional speakers gave you.

Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

Vifa Helsinki


Vifa Helsinki has a sleek and chic design perfect for fashionable consumers. The customized Kvadrat cloth, polycarbonate case, leather strap and aluminum frame makes it stylish. It can produce superb audio with reduced distortions. It also allows wireless and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Arespark Outdoor Bluetooth 4.0


The Arespark Outdoor Bluetooth 4.0 has a fast connect technology to enable user’s immediate access. Its Bluetooth range is up to 33ft with easy pairing capabilities. The item can endure dust, water, moisture and shock so it is fit for rough activities. It has a 12 hour playtime and a built-in microphone.

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Vifa Copenhagen


The Vifa Copenhagen is a simply-designed Bluetooth speaker with the superior sound quality. It has both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity making it ideal for mobile individuals. It is compatible with almost all types of Android, IOS or PC. Cable ports add to the convenience.

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The BRAVEN BRV-XXL is a designed for extreme conditions. It has 33ft wireless range and Bluetooth capability for immediate connectivity for all devices. It produces a loud enough sound for outdoor recreation.

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The B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen have Bluetooth speakers that can produce audio to fill an entire room. Its 24 –hour playtime is ideal for social activities. The speakers are made of aluminum grill with a leather strap handle.

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Bowers & Wilkins T7


The Bowers & Wilkins T7 has long playback time of 18hrs with Bluetooth capacity. With a solid body it is tough enough to endure any activity. The speaker has deep sounds great for listening to music.

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Marshall Stanmore


The Marshall Stanmore is a portable Bluetooth speaker with 80W max output with simple details. It has several adapters for easy connections. It also has optical and RCA compatibility.

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Sony SRSX88


The Sony SRSX88 has a premium sound system with digital amplifier and blast sounds.It has bluetooth and wireless connectivity for instant connection.

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The RIVA TURBO X RTX01B has 26 hours battery time great for long playlists. It has a nopise reduction technology for better sound quality.It has usb  ports for easy charginh.

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Libratone ZIPP


The Libratone ZIPP has superb bass sounds due to the 100W powered speakers and acoustic adjustments. It can do sound pairing and app steaming through WIFI and Bluetooth on a 10 hour battery life.

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Types of Bluetooth speakers

  • Audiophile Bluetooth speakers are perfect for musicians who have technical understanding of tone qualities. Music companies made these Bluetooth speakers to suit the delicate taste of musicians.
  • Rugged Bluetooth speakers are strong and durable speakers for people who love hikes and nature walks. This kind of speakers can withstand shakes and bumps when the car hits the dirt roads.
  • Outdoor Bluetooth speakers can bring the music to casual outdoor bonding activities. This Bluetooth speaker is designed to make picnics and casual strolls more special.
  • Ultraportable Bluetooth speakers are designed as personal speakers for all occasions. With this small handheld gadget, people can take their music anywhere, anytime they want.
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speakers can be used for pool parties. With this speaker, people can have pool parties with no worries of short circuiting their speakers from water splashes.
  • Smart Bluetooth speakers can check the internet for music streaming apps. These Bluetooth speakers respond to voice command when searching for a music streaming app.

Factors to consider when selecting a Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers vary in form and shape. Manufacturers make different types of Bluetooth speakers for the purposes of style, construction and portability. There are several variations that are often the deciding factors when selecting a Bluetooth speaker:

Speaker size

Speaker size concerns how the sound waves scatter as it comes out of the speakers. Bluetooth speakers with small speakers sound flat while speakers with wide speakers have more tonal variation. 


Wattage involves the loudness of the released sound through the speakers. High wattage means that the speaker can bring more output and has a more powerful sound.


Most Bluetooth speakers are battery-operated. People should also consider the battery size needed to operate the speaker as it is related to the speaker’s output. Since batteries are the common power source for Bluetooth speakers, a charging feature can be a deal breaker.


Instead of focusing mainly on sound quality, some manufacturers also focus on the durability of the speakers. It is important to remember, however, sturdier construction of the speakers can mean a heavier weight.

Auxiliary Inputs

Some Bluetooth speakers have auxiliary ports where people can insert a jack to play music from devices that does not support Bluetooth. It can be a good advantage if the Bluetooth speakers have versatility in terms of connectivity.

Advantages of having Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are the latest audio trend today. The thought of connecting to a speaker wirelessly brings excitement to many people. There are several advantages of using Bluetooth speakers above the conventional speakers.

Having a wireless speaker removes the mess of cord clutter. It also eliminates the chances of having a non-functional speaker due to a faulty cord.

Bluetooth speakers also have easy connectivity without the need for a cord or jack. This is useful nowadays as many people have smartphones that supports Bluetooth.

There is no installation process required to use the Bluetooth speakers. People can connect the device’s Bluetooth with the Bluetooth speaker and start playing music anytime.

Bluetooth speakers are energy efficient. They work using AAA batteries and can last for months. The low power requirement is a good advantage for Bluetooth speakers over standard speakers.

Bluetooth speakers are more affordable than most high-end speakers for a similar sound quality. Prices may vary depending on the size, shape or added features.

Tips in using Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth is a reliable wireless file or data transfer medium for smartphones today. Still, there are several tips to strengthen the Bluetooth connection between devices.

The type of occasion calls for different types of speaker; the same goes for Bluetooth speakers. Outdoor activities must use bigger Bluetooth speakers while room users can make use of ultraportable speakers.

To have uninterrupted music playing and streaming, minimize interferences such as walls or conflicting radio signals. This makes sure that the Bluetooth connection is healthy when using the Bluetooth speakers.

It is important to make sure to use the proper Bluetooth version to optimize music transfer between the device and the Bluetooth speakers. Most Bluetooth speakers use Bluetooth 3.0.

Optimal positioning of the Bluetooth speakers can bring the best sound out of the speakers. Placing it in certain areas can amplify or improve the tone of the sound.

The Bluetooth speaker’s shape is not only a matter of taste; it also affects the volume and sound quality of the speakers. It is wise to see if the speaker shape will bring the expected sound out of the Bluetooth speaker.