Best Bookshelf Speakers

Are you looking for a speaker that you can place on top of your table, in the cabinet, or anywhere but the floor? Search no more. The best bookshelf speakers are here to fulfill your needs.

A bookshelf speaker is a compact loudspeaker that can be used as part of a shelf stereo or a home theater package. It produces great sounds and you can place it almost anywhere.

Bookshelf Speakers Reviews

Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73


The Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 lets you customize your listening experience. Its 3-way speaker design distributes sound evenly while the Dolby Atmos feature makes it whole. The concentric driver eliminates interferences to produce pure audio. Front and rear channels expand their scope.

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Audioengine A5+


The Audioengine A5+ is a full-sized speakers minus the bulk. Its specialized Kevlar subwoofers, silk tweeters and sleek casing add a modern vibe. Modified thermal regulators increased usage time. Remote control and cable management make set up more convenient.

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Edifier S1000DB


The Edifier S1000DB delivers smooth, full sounds from its titanium dome tweeters perfect for bass lovers. Conveniently stream music or input songs through its Bluetooth technology. Larger speakers or multiple devices can be attached through coaxial,aux and optical connections.

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Audioengine HD6


The Audioengine HD6 is a nice accent to any home due to the classic wooden and aluminum finish. Internal amplifiers provide full sound no matter how faint the source. Its Bluetooth capability contributes to its versatility.

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Edifier R2000DB


The Edifier R2000DB exudes elegance with its glossy panels making it suitable for game rooms, movie rooms and receiving areas. Common brand features like Bluetooth connectivity, multiple inputs and remote control are also in this model. Sound is superior quality.

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KEF Q300B is bigger than regular desktop speakers, but it compensates with rich and deep sounds. Its 6.5 -inch bass drivers deliver powerful beats with little distortion. This set is great for home theater enthusiasts who like increased sound volume.

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JBL Studio 530


JBL Studio 530 delivers crisp rhythms with its interference reduction capacity. It precision sound technology enables you to hear all details of the song or audio. This is suitable for buyers who want a unique design.

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ELAC Uni-fi UB5


The ELAC Uni-fi UB5 has a specialized concentric driver that gives a clean audio output. However, the vinyl casing needs constant maintenance. The three way style balances sound distribution but it needs an amplifier to address its low sensitivity.

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Polk Audio TSi200


The Polk Audio Tsi200 looks quite ordinary with its simple grille and basic features. Its ability to work as sole speakers or auxiliary to larger sets is one of its key aspects. The dynamic domes deliver decent sounds.

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Fluance Signature Series


The Fluance Signature Series looks luxurious in its superb piano finish. The set provides accurate and enhanced audio. However, it has limited adjustment options.

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Advantages of bookshelf speakers

Most people assume that tower speakers are better than bookshelf speakers. This may be true, but bookshelf speakers can hold its own in terms of performance, movability and construction. There are several advantages in using bookshelf speakers:

The bookshelf speaker’s compact form makes it perfect for specific locations. Tower speakers can only be placed on the ground which does not provide additional positioning options.

At times, bookshelf speakers can produce better sounds than tower speakers because of its positioning advantage. Placing the bookshelf speakers on ear level helps in creating an acoustic sweet spot in the room.

These speakers are also cheaper than most tower speakers. Bookshelf speakers may not be on the upper end of the list, but these speakers are solid devices that can get the job done.

Bookshelf speakers are often more durable than tower speakers. The tower speaker’s long structure designed for maximum sound distribution sacrificed the speaker’s ability to absorb contact: a definite advantage for speakers with a compact construction.

Bookshelf speakers are immune to sound distortion which is common to tower speakers. Sound distortion occurs when the speakers are in close proximity to the floor, that it diminishes the speaker’s sound quality.

Factors in selecting bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers are not all the same. Several standout bookshelf speakers have specifications that are not advertised, but are equally important. These factors can be the key to selecting a bookshelf speaker.

Higher frequency response means that the bookshelf speakers have a higher tone range. These speakers can reach deeper sound quality through a deeper bass and crunchier treble tone.

Lower sound-to-noise ratio is important to remove the hissing noises when playing music through the bookshelf speakers. This enables users to have crystal clear sound with no background noises.

Bookshelf speakers consume less power than tower speakers. It is made with only the necessary features for a functional and high quality speaker, packed in a compact and durable exterior.

Bookshelf speakers must have higher gauge connector cables to provide the best sound transmission. Higher gauges of connector cables are often bigger and stronger than flimsy average cables.

1% total harmonic distortion ensures that the sound quality is at its best when it reaches the audience. Harmonic distortion can happen when speakers are close to the ground, which hinders the path of the sound waves.

FAQs about bookshelf speakers

Frequently Asked Questions about bookshelf speakers often include differences and comparison with other speakers, sound quality and setup. This section of the buying guide can help make the decision on getting bookshelf speakers.

What is the difference between two-way and three-way setup? Two-way speakers, such as bookshelf speakers, have a bass and treble parameter. A three-way speaker, on the other hand, has the middle parameter to supplement the bass and treble.

In a way, three-way speakers present a more dynamic sound. In fact, the three-parameter setup is a standard for speakers today. Still, two-way speakers can do an adequate job for simple music playing activities.

What is the difference between bookshelf speakers and Home Theater systems? Bookshelf speakers are simpler and easier to set up than home theater systems. Also, most home theater systems have multiple speakers while most bookshelf speakers only have 2 speakers.

How should I position my bookshelf speaker? Position the two speakers in a 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions, respectively, to improve the acoustics in the room. This can help in improving the overall sound quality produced by the bookshelf speakers.

What is the optimal place for bookshelf speakers? Bookshelves are a good guess, but bookshelf speakers produce the best sound quality when it is not too close to the wall. This diminishes the sound quality resulting in a muffled sound output.

Maintaining bookshelf speakers

Use a soft cloth to remove the dirt and accumulated dust on the surface of the speakers. This first step is necessary to avoid mess for the subsequent steps in maintaining the speakers.

Use the soft brush to remove dust and dirt from any external parts of the speaker, such as the housing and grills of the bookshelf speakers.

With mild soap and water, remove any further dust and dirt with greasy substances that might have formed in the crevices and corners of the speakers. Make sure that the electronic parts have been separated from its housing before this process.

You can use dry and clean cotton swabs to clean hard-to-reach places in the speaker, such as the speaker grills or interior parts of the housing.

Handheld vacuum can also help remove dirt from hard to reach corners in the speakers. It can also make the job easier and cleaning the speakers better.

Use a soft cloth and a mild soap to wipe the wires with the dampened cloth to remove accumulated dirt. A dirty wire is prone to rat attacks. Keeping it clean can save the bookshelf speakers.