Best Computer Cases

Are you a PC builder looking for a computer case with features that can match your needs? If yes, you should take a look at the best computer cases that you could buy.

Computer cases are used for customization or building of a PC. Every model offer different features and design. They are also made from different materials. You have the right to pick the one that has captured your heart.

Computer Cases Reviews

CM Storm Stryker – Gaming Full Tower


The Storm Stryker computer case by Cooler Master is a heavy-duty model designed for the needs of gamers. It has a rubber-coated handle to transport your gaming setup, as well as an internal tool box for peripherals.

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DeepCool Mini-ITX Case TriStellar SW


DeepCool’s Mini-ITX computer case is made of SPCC, which is a form of steel, and thick, toughened glass. It is heavy and durable, and its unique futuristic design sets it apart from others.

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Nanoxia Deep Silence 4 Mini Tower Case with 6 Fan Controller


This is a powerful and heavy-duty computer case that is a good option for those with powerful and highly customized computers. The Deep Silence 4 is also soundproofed, which makes this an ideal choice for someone who prioritizes a quiet PC.

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Thermaltake CORE P5 ATX Open Frame


This computer case has an open frame design that displays a computer’s inner workings. Thermaltake designed this model for hardcore enthusiasts with powerful computers that need cases with advanced cooling systems room to customize extensively.

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Thermaltake CORE X5 Black E-ATX


This Thermaltake computer case is for those who like to further modify and customize their computer setups. It is modular, which allows for custom upgrades and allows you to add or remove features. Its powerful cooling features also make it a good choice for very powerful computers that generate a lot of heat.

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Nzxt Phantom Full Tower Computer Case


The Phantom Full Tower case by Nzxt is ideal for those who need a lot of room in their computer cases for various features. It has room for 7 fans and 7 hard drives, and  with more customizations possible for the hardcore enthusiast to enjoy.

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NZXT PHANTOM 630 Windowed Edition


The Phantom 630 case by Nzxt is a large, solidly constructed model that is best suited to those whose computers don’t fit into the dimensions of other cases. This case is roomy and has all of the features expected from a good computer case.

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Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX


The tempered glass and sandblasted aluminum construction make this case a durable and aesthetically pleasing choice for enthusiasts who need to protect their powerful computers with special cooling features and materials.

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Corsair Graphite Series 780T


This Full Tower PC Case by Corsair has convenient features such as latched side panels for easy access, as well as a fan controller that allows adjustments in performance and fan noise.

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Cooler Master Cosmos II


Inspired by sleekness and elegance of race cars, the Cooler Master Cosmos II is a sturdy and well-designed case for computers. Its brushed aluminum and steel casing is strong enough to protect your computer, while still allowing for airflow.

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Why Computer Cases are Important

Finding the best computer case is something most computer owners tend to overlook. However, there are many reasons why you should start looking at it.

A computer case should first of all handle the basics. It should hold in your hardware and protect it against damage from sources like shock and the elements.

Computer cases also hold functional bits and pieces of your computer. It houses basic components of your desktop such as disk drives, switches, and ports.

The size of your computer case also determines its capacity and storage options. Larger cases can hold more hardware while smaller cases can be placed in tighter spaces.

Last but not least, computer cases provide style to your setup. There are many cool-looking cases out there that will bring life to any room or desk design.

Understanding what your case is for and how it works will help you choose the right one. The next parts of this article will show you how to shop for these cases. 

Getting the Right Size 

The size of your case has major implications in both form and function. Your choice of case can affect how much hardware you can add and how much space you will need.

Sizes of cases are usually classified using terms such as “full tower”, “mid tower”, and “mini tower”. If not familiar with these, things are made simpler by having these cases measured.

As a rule of thumb, getting larger cases allows you to fit in more drives, ports, and expansion slots. On the downside, your computer will occupy more space.

For smaller spaces, getting a smaller tower can prove to be advantageous. Of course, that would mean sacrificing some space you can allot for hardware.

Also, when searching for a case, make sure to check what size of motherboard it can accommodate. Some cases are very specific in terms of the motherboard size it can support.

You can consider the aesthetics once you settle with the size of your choice. The looks of cases can be customized according to the preference of its owner.

Drive Bays and Expansion Slots

When you have a large case, you have more space for both drive bays and expansion slots. How much you need depends on how you use your computer.

A 5.25 inch bay can be used for optical drives such as DVD or Blu-Ray. It can also be used for other hardware such as fans and audio controllers.

A 3.5 inch bay is historically used for floppy disks. Nowadays, they are more commonly used as a repository for USB ports and card readers.

A 2.5 inch bay is becoming popular with the rise in the use of smaller cases. It is usually utilized for small hard drives and solid state drives.

ATX cases commonly have expansion slots that can be used for all kinds of things. These slots are usually 4, but can be as many as 7.

The number of slots you need depends on the level of performance of your desktop. However, generally speaking, having more expansion slots is beneficial for upgrading reasons.

Other Considerations

Computer design is rapidly advancing. This can also be seen with how computer cases are now arranged. Here are other considerations you must look into when buying a case.

Adding external ports can add more functionality to your computer case. Common ports added to cases include headphone and microphone jacks, USB ports, card readers, and external SATA ports.

It will be great if you can pick up a “tool-free” case assembly. This means that you don’t need tools such as a screwdriver to open and secure the contents of your case.

Getting a built-in power supply for your computer case depends on a situational basis. Regardless, if you’re getting a power supply, get the best one you can find.

Getting a fan is also ideal because it’s a must to keep your computer’s inner components cool. A combination of intake and exhaust fans can provide much-needed air cooling.

You can either choose to find the best computer case on the market or have one built according to your preferences. Regardless, find the case that best fills your needs.