Best Floor Standing Speakers

Are you looking for high-grade speakers that will complete your home theater audio system? You might want to look at the best floor standing speakers available in the market.

Floor standing speakers, also called tower speakers, cover audio frequencies from below 40Hz to above 20 kHz. They produce theater-quality audios, and they are look elegant wherever you’ll place them.

Floor Standing Speakers Reviews

Onkyo SKF-4800 2-Way Bass Reflex


These floor speakers by Onkyo are a substantial addition to anyone’s home theater. At 70 pounds, they are very heavy, but they pack a lot of power and deliver vibrant, far-reaching sounds.

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Yamaha NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker


This floor standing speaker by Yamaha is an attractive option for those who want a sleek and elegant speaker that gives good sound quality. It has a piano black mirror finish that reflects its solid construction and rich, smooth sound.

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JBL L880 4-Way, High Performance 6-inch


The Studio L880 4-Way Loudspeaker by JBL is an option for those who only want one quality floor standing speaker rather than a pair. This speaker is especially suited to audiophiles, because they are intended and designed to give an authentic and high-quality listening experience.

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Sony SSCS3 3-Way


The Sony speaker is intended to be an easy way to set up a home theater or sound system. The sound can fill up a room without losing clarity, which means that there is less need to worry about acoustics in a room.

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Definitive Technology BP-8020ST Bipolar Tower


The Bipolar Tower by Definitive Technology only takes up 1 square foot in a room and is sold as one unit rather than a pair, making it a space-saving, but powerful speaker option. A separate subwoofer is not needed; the Bipolar Tower can perform well on its own to deliver crisp, clear music or audio quality.

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Klipsch R-24F


This speaker, which is bought as a single unit rather than a pair, is a space-efficient option for a music lover. Its dimensions are 10 x 6.5 x 34.8and it weighs only 25 pounds. This is a good choice for beginning audiophiles who want good quality sound, and for people who want to save space.

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Fluance XL7F High Performance Three-way


The XL7F Floorstanding Loudspeakers by Fluance are an elegant option for your speaker setup. Fluance offers a choice of black or mahogany colored speakers that faithfully reproduce your favorite tunes.

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BIC Amercia Acoustech Platinum Series PL-89 tower speaker


The BIC America Acoustech speakers are intended for home theaters. It works well as a main speaker and can also supplement your own sound system as  surround sound.

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Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones Designed


Designed by Andrew Jones, a well-known and respected sound engineer, this Pioneer speaker offers powerful and rich sound quality in one slick and beautifully  designed package.

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ELAC – Debut F5 Tower Speakers


Elac’s Debut F5 Tower Speakers suit those who need large, loud, vibrant-sounding speakers for their home theaters. Its woofers are made with woven-aramid fiber woofers, which is a tough, but light material that reduces the weight and carries the sound further.

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Floorstanding Speakers vs. Bookshelf Speakers

Finding the best floorstanding speaker gives all kinds of benefits for audiophiles. It serves as a sturdy foundation for building a great sound system.

Also known as tower speakers, they deliver full sound that simply cannot be had with any other speaker unit. It’s for this reason why these units are still relevant.

The main alternative from getting floorstanding speakers are bookshelf speakers. Like their floorstanding counterparts, they are designed to generate as full a sound as possible.

Because of their smaller size, a bookshelf speaker makes more sense in small spaces. They also make sense in rooms where use of low volumes is generally sufficient.

Floorstanding speakers tend to suffer more from an effect called “cabinet resonance”. However, this is more than compensated by their better bass and sound fullness.

A well-made bookshelf speaker can be used just about anywhere. However, the same can be said about a well-made floorstanding speaker. It all boils down to how much sound you need in a room.

Drivers in Floorstanding Speakers

One reason why floorstanding speakers sound great is because of its multiple drivers. Each driver works in sync with the others to provide the best sound.

Tweeters mainly handle sounds that are in the high frequency range (2000 to 30000 Hz). Commonly placed on top of the speaker, tweeters have different variations.

Midrange drivers are designed for handling sounds from 500 to 2000 Hz. As this is the sound range where both voice and most instruments fall in, great mids is crucial.

Woofers are mainly designed for transmitting sounds that fall between 40 to 1000 Hz. When complemented with a good subwoofer, they provide high-quality bass sound.

The subwoofer amplifies low-frequency sounds found in the 20-200 Hz range. In home theater setups, the sub is necessary to properly reproduce low frequency effects.

Each component in a floorstanding speaker plays a role in producing the final sound. As such, each component should be constructed in the best possible quality.

Cabinet Configurations Explained

Floorstanding speakers can be found in different configurations. These configurations are based on the number of drivers each speaker contains. Here are some examples of cabinet configurations.

A two-way speaker contains 2 different components, most commonly a tweeter and a woofer. They are commonly set up to capture mid-range sounds for optimal performance for most purposes.

A three-way speaker contains 3 different components, with each one working on its own frequency range. These speakers usually consist of a tweeter, a woofer, and a midrange driver.

A four-way speaker is arguably the most complete form of the cabinet speaker. Aside from the tweeter, woofer, and midrange driver, it usually also contains either a super-tweeter or a subwoofer.

For all intents and purposes, having more drivers in a speaker generally means better performance. However, they generally occupy more space, and are also more expensive.

Of course, quality still beats quantity on the right situation. An argument can be made that a well-made speaker can compete against other speakers with more drivers.

Never Miss the Small Details

Even the smallest details make the bigger difference. In fact, these details can prove as the deciding factor for determining the best product for your needs.

Make sure to check your speaker’s frequency response. Measured in Hertz, this is the frequency range that your speaker can produce. Speakers with wider range have better overall performance.

The impedance measures current resistance within the speakers. Measured in ohms, this value determines how much current it can receive from an amplifier. Current/impedance mismatch can cause equipment damage.

Sensitivity is the measure used for determining how efficiently a speaker can convert power into sound. Measured in decibels, higher efficiency means higher sound output relative to power input.

You also got to check wire terminal configurations in your speakers. Check the type of wire terminals used. Also, some speakers have wire terminals for specific frequency ranges.

Getting the best floorstanding speaker your money can buy is not that hard. It just takes good product knowledge and a sound knowledge on how speakers work.