Best In Ceiling Speakers

Best Ceiling Speakers

Do you want to have high-quality sound surrounding you while watching movies or concerts on your home theater system? Then you’ll need to install some trusty ceiling speakers for your home. Ceiling speakers provide great sound without compromising floor space.

Good ceiling speakers usually have minimalistic designs and carry powerful sound quality when already installed on a room’s ceiling. Bass and treble are nicely heard all over the room. Sounds come out clearly and crisply even on low volume levels.

Ceiling speakers are great investments. It’s important to have the best for you to enjoy your movies, television shows, and concerts better. Floor space is also saved and the problem of unsightly wires and connections are eliminated.


Bose Virtually Invisible 791


The Bose Virtually Invisible 791 is a set of two in-ceiling speakers with two speaker grilles and a paint shield. Bose is actually known for their high-quality audio systems, and the Virtually Invisible 791 is amongst their good speaker systems.

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The main advantage of this ceiling speaker is its great sound quality. Bose integrated their Stereo Everywhere system to ensure that wherever you place these speakers, the sound resonates throughout the room and not just concentrated on a specific area.

Easy speaker installation is another positive attribute of the Virtually Invisible 791. The speakers are secured to the ceiling using four clamp screws. Twist the grilles afterwards and the speakers are good to go.

The speakers also come with additional aesthetic value since their grilles are paintable. You can paint over it without worrying that the speakers will malfunction. A paint shield is usually included in the set to protect the speaker cones from damage.

The Virtually Invisible 791 may produce an overall quality sound, but the bass sound isn’t that superior. Rating the bass sound from these ceiling speakers, they’d pass for an average.

Ceiling speakers are quite hard to test unless it’s already installed on your room. Testing this Bose speaker sound system prior to installation might require you to have a lot of air space to properly gauge the sound quality.

The Bose Virtually Invisible 791 is recommended for users with home theater systems. People who want invisible-looking speakers or those who want to match their speakers with the room decors will probably love this audio set.

  • High-quality sounds heard evenly all over the room
  • Easier speaker installation
  • Paintable speaker grilles for matching to the ceiling or room’s color
  • Average-sounding bass
  • Plenty of air space needed to test the speakers before installation

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Polk Audio RC80i


The Polk Audio RC80i is a set of two 8-inch speakers with grilles and cardboard templates included. They function as ceiling speakers but can also be used in-wall, too.

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The speakers come with a metalized soft-dome tweeter that can be swiveled to a position where you want the sounds to be concentrated. The tweeters produce clear high sounds and deep lower mid-range sounds that aren’t harsh on the ears.

Polk Audio RC80i offers a nice bass sound. The speakers have a frequency of 35Hz-20kHz, making the bass sound resound clearly enough across the room.

These speakers are also created using moisture-proof materials, making it waterproof and durable. If you want to install these speakers to your restrooms or shower rooms, you may do so without second thoughts.

Installing the speakers proves to be easy, but removing the grilles are a bit hard. You may want to use the clamp screws located in the anterior side to push the grille gently from behind until it loosens up.

The return policies for the Polk Audio RC80i are rather strict. Additional shipping restrictions might apply in some cases.

People who love listening to music while taking a dip in the tub or bath might appreciate the Polk Audio RC80i installed on their shower areas. This speaker set could also be a great complement for home theater systems.

  • Swivel-mounted tweeters that are adjusted to where sound needs to be concentrated
  • Fair amount of bass sounds can be heard
  • Moisture-proof and great to use on showers and bathrooms
  • Grills are hard to remove
  • Shipping restrictions may apply

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OSD Audio ICE650


This is a pair of speakers with a 6 ½” Kevlar wooden Cone and a 1” aluminum pivot tweeter. OSD Audio ICE650 is a speaker system known for its durability and rich sound quality.

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The ICE650 utilizes Kevlar wooden cones to produce bass sounds that are deep, strong and smooth. If you try to increase the volume of your audio, you’ll still experience quality bass since the Kevlar cones can retain their shape well.

The ICE650 integrates a crossover system which enables the sounds to travel evenly across a rectangular or square-shaped room and even in oddly-shaped rooms. Its pivotal aluminum tweeter can be aimed at where the sound is needed.

The speakers come with a front-mounted contour switches that give you control on the various acoustic frequencies you require in the room. Blending the treble, bass and mid-range levels becomes easier.

Although the ICE650 has many good qualities, it cannot pass for an outdoor speaker. It can be installed in most areas like shower rooms, but might not perform at its best during prolonged exposure to outdoor elements.

Grilles might not always fit the speakers properly. You may experience problems in installation and may need to cut the grilles to adjust it to the speaker’s size.

The OSD ICE650 is recommended for people who have high-end home theater systems. Users who love hearing deep and clear bass sounds might also benefit from this sound system.

  • Uses durable Kevlar wooden cones that make smooth and clear bass sounds
  • Has a crossover system that evens out sound throughout the room
  • Front-mounted contour switches for acoustic frequency control
  • Unable to double as an outdoor speaker
  • Grilles do not always fit the speakers properly

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Yamaha NS-IW480CWH


The Yamaha NS-IW480CWH is a pair of sturdy speakers running on 120 watts with 8” polypropylene mica cone woofers and a powerful dual ¾” dome tweeter. It comes with installation accessories and a paintable grille and frame.

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This Yamaha speaker set is equipped with Sound Max technology. The speakers are designed in a cross-over fashion to enable the sound to reach far corners of the room with ease.

To make the sounds clearer and concentrated, the Yamaha NS-IW480CWH speaker’s woofers and tweeters are mounted on swivel and can be pivoted to any direction. They’re constructed in a pre-tilted way, allowing for easy focus anywhere in the room.

The speakers deliver loud and clear sounds, especially in the closed confines of a home theater system. An ample amount of surround sound level is achievable with the Yamaha NS-IW480CWH. This system is good for movie-watching.

A small drawback to these Yamaha speakers is its muffin-shaped cover. It can be painted over, but the cover can still be visible over the ceiling. If you’re going for a completely discreet look on your room, this might not be the best option.

Also, the bass sounds coming from the speakers aren’t that recognizable. Heavy-bass music might not be enjoyed in these speaker set. 

This speaker set is for people who enjoy watching movies and listening to music with not too much bass in them. The movie sounds come out clear enough and your movie-watching experience could be greatly enhanced. 

  • With cross-over design and Sound Max Technology for better sound dispersal
  • Pivotal woofers and tweeters to aim sounds at a certain listening spot
  • Delivers clear sounds that are good for watching movies 
  • Muffin-shaped cover that’s not entirely discreet
  • Bass quality isn’t that high

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Pyle Home PIC62A


This speaker set from Pyle Home, the PIC62A, contains a dual mid-bass speaker system with a silk dome tweeter. Built-in mounting hardware is included in the package set for a fuss-free installation process.

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Built-in controls for treble frequencies are available, so you’re free to change the sound frequencies to match your needs. Pivotal tweeters also help disseminate sound throughout your room clearly and evenly.

The speakers are able to produce high-performance audio with a frequency response of 40Hz-20kHz. A directional speaker design ensures that sound travels clearly in a focused area of your room.

The PIC62A is also easy to install, as it comes with a built-in mounting hardware. Templates are readily provided in the set to make installation a breeze even for amateur installers.

You have to buy it in several pairs if you must install it in several parts of your home. The speakers are only sold in pairs and it’s hard to install them in odd numbers since you might have to tweak some wirings permanently.

If you would like to have a thumping bass sound, this speaker system cannot deliver that much. You’d have to get an additional subwoofer to get that deep bass in.

Families with complete home theater systems, those who love a full-room range sound distribution, and those who want quality speakers without shelling out too much might find the Pyle Home PIC62A to be an excellent choice.

  • Treble frequency control and pivoting tweeters for a full room-range sound distribution
  • Directional speaker design and high-quality sound production
  • Easy to install with the mounting hardware included in the set
  • Sold only in pairs
  • Bass sound quality is at the mid-range only

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These are some of the best ceiling speakers that you can purchase online. Before buying your new ceiling speakers, be sure that you’ve chosen a brand that will deliver the kind of sound you’d like to have.

I hope I brought some light as to what ceiling speakers are the best buys for your listening pleasure. Enjoy shopping for your new ceiling speakers and experience better home sounds today!