Best Laptop for Video Editing

Most video editors, like you, aim to make high quality videos. And to make that happen, you should partner your video editing skills with the best laptop for video editing.

Gaming laptops are also considered as laptops that are good for editing videos. These laptops will provide you high storage for your files, great graphics, and lag-free operations. Normal laptops can also be good for video editing as long as they have a spacious HDD, good video card, and a processor not lower than Intel Core i5.

Laptop for Video Editing Reviews

Dell XPS 15 9550


The Dell XPS 15’s screen is almost borderless, and this unique design allows for more screen space than other laptops of its size. This is ideal for those who need ample screen space for work but want something portable and light. The XPS 15 weighs under 4 pounds and has a thin profile, but is still able to perform intensive tasks such as graphics editing, video editing, and gaming.

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Apple Macbook Pro


The Macbook Pro is known for its Retina display, which displays over 5 million pixels in vivid, crisp colors that make it suitable for those who work with graphics and videos. Apple’s unique trackpad with multiple gestures and features make mouseless work more convenient.

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The MSI GT80S Titan by Computer Upgrade King features a mechanical keyboard. This is ideal for those who type heavily, as this type of keyboard is more comfortable and can withstand rigorous use. The Titan can handle up to 64GB RAM, which means that it can handle any resource-intensive task whether it be for gaming or professional use.

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HP Pavilion 17t Gaming Laptop


This HP laptop is an option for those who want a touchscreen. It is another option for navigation, as well as actions like zooming in and out quickly. The HP Pavilion is intended to suite both personal and professional needs, whether it be enjoying games and videos or creating them.

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ASUS ROG GL702 Republic of Gamers Laptop


At less than 6lbs, Asus’ Republic of Gamers laptop offers powerful features while maintaining a portable size and weight. It also has a special cooling system that prevents overheating during rigorous, processor-heavy activities such video editing and gaming.

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Eluktronics 17.3″ N170RF1 Slim Gaming Laptop


Eluktronics’ Eluktro Pro gaming laptop focuses on displaying rich and vibrant colors  and quality pictures and videos. Its anti-glare display makes it usable under sunlight without glare, while a backlit keyboard allows for continued work in low-light situations.

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ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition 17.3″ G-SYNC VR Ready


This Asus laptop is a good choice for those who need good performance without sacrificing battery life. The laptop has a powerful 8 cell Li-ion battery, while its advanced cooling system keeps the laptop from overheating when doing graphics- and processor-intensive tasks.

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Clevo Prostar N170RF1


Prostar’s Clevo laptop has an LED backlit matte type screen, which reduces glare and eye-strain. This is ideal for those who work outdoors or in places with sunlight (such as next to a window), because the screen will not be affected by the light.

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Acer Predator 17 G9-791-73ZW 17.3-inch Ultra HD


The Acer Predator laptop sports a striking red-and-black design and a backlit keyboard with red accents designed for gaming. The backlight can be customized to suit specific needs. The Acer Predator suited to those who want a powerful laptop with interesting and functional aesthetics.

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Eluktronics 17.3″ P770DM


This heavy-duty laptop by Eluktronics is ideal for people who want both desktop-level performance and portability. It NVIDIA graphics card, plenty of RAM, and SSD storage that make this laptop capable of handling professional video editing needs.

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Why Get a Video Editing Laptop?

Portability is the biggest reason why people want to get the best gaming laptop for video editing. It allows you to work pretty much anywhere you like.

Since you will be using it to edit videos you will need more computing power than what a tablet can give. Tablets are great but the added boost laptops have is incomparable.

You also get more apps available for video editing laptops compared to the most powerful tablet out there. You basically have more options when it comes to the tools that you will use.

Just like tablets, these laptops give you that on-the-go type of mobility. They’re only a bit heavier and they will occupy a lot more space on your pack.

Compared to a desktop computer on your workstation, even the best laptop won’t be able to deliver the same amount of power. They’re powerful alright but they have limits.

Expandability is also another downside of laptops for video editing. Whatever hardware that’s installed is pretty much it. You’re just left to work with whatever you got when you bought your computer.

Types of Video Editing Laptops by Price Range

You can classify laptops for video editing by price range. They vary by hardware installed with their corresponding costs. Each type has its own pros and cons to consider.

Low Priced Video Editing Laptops: These laptops are best suited for beginners. They will have at least an Intel Core i5 processor or its equivalent and at least 4GB of RAM.

Mid Price Video Editing Laptops: These laptops offer more processing power. You can still stick with an i5 processor, which reduces cost. However, you’ll need to upgrade the HDD space and memory. Some units will have better video processing as well.

High End Video Editing Laptops: High end models offer the best video processing power. These laptops will have at least a Core i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, 2 GB GDDRS Vram, and throw in a 512GB SSD for primary hard drive space.

Remember that as you move from low priced to high end models that the price also increments. Sometimes the increments tend to skyrocket as you move up to more powerful pieces of hardware.

If you have cash to burn then it will be better to invest in other high end features as well. That will include a high resolution video display albeit with retina protection too.

How to Buy the Best Video Editing Laptop

Consider your budget. That’s one of the first places you will start with when you buy any kind of computing equipment. After that, consider the intended use of the said laptop.

If you’re buying the video editing laptop for a student or a beginner, then consider a low priced machine. That will at least give you a good grasp of the basics.

For more advanced users, consider getting a mid-priced or a high end laptop. They offer better performance and better processing power. They also get the job done faster.

Professional video editors should only consider high end video editing laptops. Consider getting more Vram and a better display. Those are usually the parts you can’t upgrade in these systems.

After selecting the type of laptop for video editing, you should also see check for freebies. The most important and cost saving freebies include video editing software that may come for free with the computer.

Make sure to check the warranty of each unit. You should also compare the benchmark tests on each unit before deciding on which unit to invest in.

Features to Look for in the Best Laptop for Video Editing

SSD: A solid state hard drive can withstand a lot more punishment than a regular drive. You’ll be moving around and that will take its toll on a mechanical drive that contains your data.

Touchpad: Touchpads offer more functionality than a regular mouse. Multiple finger gestures come in handy when you’re editing.

Hi Res Display: Let’s face it; you’re editing video footage. You need a better resolution display to make sure everything looks great. It also makes your work a lot easier.

Secondary Display: The magic of multiple display makes video editing more convenient. Make sure to get more and better external display ports on your chosen system.

Under the Hood Stuff: You need more processing power to get the best results. Get the highest performing processor, RAM, and VRAM that your budget can allow.

Battery: Working long hours will require a battery that can deliver. Get ones with extended life. Video editing also drains a lot of battery power, so having more is better for you.