Best Modem Router Combo

Are you tired of paying for expensive modem/router combo rental fees from internet service providers? If your answer is yes, then why not check out the best modem/router combos that you could buy?

A Modem/Router combo is a two-in-one device that lets you connect to the internet, and at the same time, sendoff internet information to your devices. Buying this device could help you save some bucks because it’s cheaper than opting for a separate unit.

Modern Router Combo Reviews

Routers are networking devices that link your computers or laptops to the internet by forwarding data from network to network and then dispatching information from the internet to the devices you own.

On the other hand, modems are devices that allow you to have access to the internet by connecting to your internet service provider or ISP.

Thus, a modem router combo is a device that has the functions of both a router and a modem, with the advantages of saving space, eliminating wires, and simplifying installations.

Nighthawk Cable Modem Router


The Nighthawk Cable Modem Router by NETGEAR is a 2-in-1 Wi-Fi router and cable modem equipped with AC1900 combined wireless speeds reaching 1.9 GBPS and with a channel bonding of 24×8.

It has 24 downstream channels ensuring uninterrupted 4k streaming even in peak hours creating a reliable, consistent, and fast internet connection. Moreover, its DOCSIS 3.0 technology and dual processor delivers maximum speeds for gaming and video streaming.

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Archer C3700 Cable Modem Router


The Archer CR700 Cable Modem Router by TP-Link combines a DOCSIS 3.0 modem and an NAT router. Its cable download speed can reach 680 mbps for 16 downstream channels, while its four upstream channels can reach 120 mbps.

It supports the Wi-Fi protocol 802.11ac, and its dual USB ports allow ease in sharing printers, media, and other files locally or via the internet.

The set-up is convenient and its connectivity flexible. It also has parental control settings for parents to manage their children or administrators their staff.

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Motorola Cable Modem plus Router MG7550



Motorola’s MG7550 cable modem router combo provides fast internet connection with its DOCSIS 3.0 technology supplied with 4 gigabit ports, MoCA filters and advanced firewall protection. It also allows you to share high-speed internet access to other Wi-Fi devices.

The MG7550 modem router is also convenient to set-up because it installs only in minutes via Quick Start, and it’s also flexible because of its size and its DOCSIS 3.0 modem is compatible with all cable services in the US.

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Motorola Cable Modem plus Router MG7310


Motorola’s MG7310 model is a combination of an 8×4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and an N300 Wi-Fi router.

The modem has eight downstream channels for up to a speed of 343 mbps and a maximum of 123 mbps for the four upstream channels. Its router has 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.

Its vertical shape allows a minimalistic display in shelves, better cooling, and improved wireless performance.

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SURFboard Modem and Wi-Fi Router AC1800M


The SURFboard modem and Wi-Fi router by ARRIS and Motorola integrates a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and an AC1750 Wi-Fi router reaching a download speed of 343Mbps.

It has eight downstream channels and four upstream channels, and a built-in Multimedia over Coax (MoCA) technology providing high-speed access to the internet to devices that are MoCA-enabled.

The cable modem has an option for Wi-Fi pairing enabling you to connect your wireless gadgets quickly and easily.

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SURFboard Cable Modem and Wi-Fi Router SBG6400


ARRIS’s SURFboard cable modem and Wi-Fi router is a combination of a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem and an 802.11N Wi-Fi router. Its downloading speeds can reach 343 mbps and its Wi-Fi speeds can read 300 mbps if connected to cable internet or fiber optic lines.

It has eight downstream channels, four upstream channels, and a 2×2 omnidirectional antenna. It is compatible with any major US cable provider.

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TP-Link TC-W7960 Cable Modem Router


TP-Link’s TC-W7960 Modem Router is of an N300 wireless speed with 4 gigabit ports, 4 upstream and 8 downstream channels.

It is a 2-in-1 device that works as both a router and as a modem, effectively erasing the need for renting a modem from your provider while providing strong Wi-Fi access for your workplace or home.

It has an easy set-up procedure with a channel bonding of 8×4 for consistent connections keeping your internet access from slowing down and preventing disruptions from your work, gaming, studying, and countless other tasks.

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NETGEAR Cable Modem Router C3700


NETGEAR’s cable modem router of model C3700 has cable modem speeds that could reach 340 Mbps and equipped with 8×4 channel bonding and a built-in DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. Its installation is easy for iPads, smartphones, computers, and tablets.

It has power saving features that are convenient and its security features include wireless sharing and accessing of USB hard drive, guests of yours having separate access, and high level WPA/WPA2 security.

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Zoom Cable Modem/Router 5363


The Zoom Cable Modem/Router 5363 produced by Zoom Telephonics partners a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem of speeds up to 343 Mbps and a dual-band router with 4 gigabit Ethernet ports.

This model allows sharing of fast internet for devices with Ethernet ports and for devices compatible with Wi-Fi. It supports IPv4 and IPv6 for powerful IP addressing and its advanced firewall is reliable protection against virtual intrusions.

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Actiontec Modem Router GT784WN


The Modem Router GT784WN by Actiontec is equipped with an ADSL modem, a 300Mbps router, and a dual-antenna plus a 4-port switch.

The 302.11n technology built for the modem router allows surfing the internet to speeds reaching 300Mbps, and its smart antennas get rid of your wireless coverage’s dead spots.

It has an AutoDetect Wizard configuration for easy installation, its security options include a firewall that can be customized, and a customer support for the product available 24/7 is also provided by Actiontec over the internet or via phone calls.

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What is a Modem Router Combo?

A modem/router combo is essentially a 2-in-one device, which holds the functions of both modem and router. It offers practicality and convenience for basic home internet users.

A modem obtains information from an internet service provider and allows you to connect to the internet. A router then dispatches the internet information to your device(s).

A router connects the devices to the internet from the modem. The computers may also connect to each other, provided they are within the same network.

Modem router combo units are good options for basic home use. If you’re using the internet for basic tasks, you probably don’t need all the features offered by modern routers.

However, if you’re planning to get into more advanced and heavier networking task, such as parental control and web hosting, consider getting a separate, better quality router unit.

Also, if you’re running a public Wi-Fi hotspot or a business, it is better to get separate router and modem units because dedicated router units provide better security features.

Tips in Buying a Modem Router Combo

When looking for the best modem router combination units, you will come across a lot of brands and models with different features and capabilities. Consider the following tips when choosing a product.

Do not rely solely on ads, commercials, or advices from sales reps. Take time to read product reviews, check various sources, and look at each device’s test scores.

While some expensive devices are advanced and futureproof, there is no existing Wi-Fi client that can operate at maximum speeds. Thus, opting for a less expensive equipment with the same operational features is more practical.

Do not go only by brand names when buying networking equipment. Instead, check the specs and features of the particular model you’re planning to buy. Quality isn’t always consistent even for leading networking brands.

Buying equipment of the same standard can help you save money and optimize your home network. If you own a Gigabit Ethernet router, get a Gigabit switch in case more devices need to be wired into the network.

When it comes to powerline networking, it is also useful to buy adapters from the same retailer. This ensures compatibility between the two devices, especially in terms of safety and security.

Advantages of Using a Modem Router Combo

If you’re a basic home user and looking for a new router, getting a modem-router combo may be a better option. Combo units offer some advantages including the following:

More Cost-Effective: Buying a combo unit is slightly cheaper than getting a separate modem and router. In all cases, do not choose a device based on price alone. Buy quality equipment from reputed brands.

Easier to Set Up: A combo unit has fewer moving parts and is easy to set up even for beginners. You will have one less device and one less line to deal with.

ISP Control Updates: You can let your ISP decide on the most suitable software for your combo unit. They can pick the best application for your device based on customer feedback.

Easier troubleshooting: Since you’re dealing with less networking equipment, it is easier to troubleshoot in case technical problems arise. This makes modem-router combo units suitable for new and non-techy users.

In addition, there will be less confusion when following setup and troubleshooting procedures. Many people get confused with routers and modems and getting a 2-in-one device eliminates common slip-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions about Networking

Should I get equipment from my ISP? If your provider offers a free gateway device or modem, take it. If not, it is better to ask for a list of recommended devices and buy one from a third party retailer.

Single-band or dual-band? If there’s only a few Wi-Fi networks in your neighborhood or if you just like to share internet connection, a good 2.4GHz single-band router is fine. If you want to have stronger Wi-Fi network to accommodate more internet activity, a dual-band router is more ideal.

What is an access point? An access point (AP) device broadcasts Wi-Fi signals to allow clients, like laptops and tablets, to connect to it. Having this device is necessary if your existing network does not offer Wi-Fi or if you wish to extend Wi-Fi signals to a network.

Is USB support necessary? It isn’t necessary, but having a router with a USB port is useful if you want to connect an external hard drive and share stored data with other network devices. It also lets you stream different types of digital content to media players on the local network.

Gigabit or not? Gigabit is essential unless your internet connection runs too slow. It takes around a minute to transfer about 700MB of data over a standard Ethernet connection while it takes only around 5 seconds through a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

What is a Wi-Fi extender? A Wi-Fi extender extends your network so that it reaches the devices that are slightly out of range. It does not involve any cabling or wiring.