Best Motorcycle Speakers

Best Motorcycle Speakers

Ever tried riding your motorcycle without music in the background? All you’ll hear is the grueling noise of highway traffic and blaring horns. That’s why you need the best motorcycle speakers while cruising around with your favorite beats in-tow.

Ideal motorcycle speakers should deliver crisp and clear sounds amidst the loud highway noise. They must have ample wattage to satisfy your volume adjustment needs. Good speakers should also come in sizes that fit your motorcycle handlebars or helmets easily.

Purchasing audio systems that give more bang for your bucks is important. A set of quality speakers is a lasting investment. Having the best motorcycle speakers will ensure exciting and satisfying bike rides. 

BOSS Audio MC470B


The BOSS Audio MC470B is a set of four lightweight round speakers that can fit on most motorcycle handlebars. These speakers have a polished and sleek design. The system delivers good sound quality through its 1000-wattage amplifier.

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It’s great with sound delivery. Travel at a fast pace and you won’t worry about hearing nothing from your speaker. It provides loud and clear sounds even at speeds of up to 75mph.

The audio system has a 1000 wattage amplifier which is capable of delivering ample amounts of volume control. It comes with a wired remote system for easier volume control during a ride.

It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to pair it with your own device to enjoy music from streaming services like Spotify. It also gives you hands-free access to your own music.

It is water-resistant. The speakers are coated to protect it from light rain and other natural elements, but it can’t stand heavy downpours.

The wires are a bit short, and they all run into a single connector. This makes installation quite difficult, since you might need to splice the wirings to fit the speakers nicely on your handlebars.

This audio set is best suited for riders who love sleek, compact and stylish motorcycle accessories. For those who are living in sunny areas or visiting regions with good weather conditions, the MC470B is a great buy.


  • Good sound quality with crisp and clear sounds amidst fast driving speeds
  • Wired remote system for volume control, with a 1000-watt amplifier to match
  • Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free music streaming

  • Water resistant but unable to withstand harsh weather
  • Short wires converging into a single connector that needs alterations to install the set properly

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Shark SHKC6800


The Shark SHKC6800 is a four-speaker audio system developed and manufactured by Shark Motorcycle Audio. The set comes with an amplifier, remote control and the accessories for installing it on your motorcycle.

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It contains amplifier slots that let you enjoy music from various sources. It has slots for USB sticks, SD Cards and Auxiliary Input. The amplifier also has a built-in FM reception, letting you listen to FM radio stations even on-the-go.

Unique to the amplifier is its LCD screen. This is especially useful when you’re using the FM radio function. The current FM station shows on the screen during radio mode, and song information when using other music sources.

The audio set is waterproof. The speakers, antenna, and remote controls are all designed to stand against harsh rains and weather conditions.

Although most of its parts are waterproof, the amplifier itself isn’t. Hence, the amp might not work properly once it’s placed near the handlebars. It’s better to install it behind the bike’s seat to protect it from rain.

If the amplifier is installed under the seat, the wireless remote fails to work correctly. It will only be sensed if it is used right in front of the amplifier.

Riders who are keen in knowing song titles even on-the-go will greatly benefit from using the Shark SHKC800’s large LCD screen. Avid radio fans will also love its FM functionality.


  • Amplifier slots for various music sources
  • Large LCD Screen for song titles and FM Frequency display
  • Waterproof speakers and accessories

  • The amplifier is not waterproof
  • Wireless remote only works when the amplifier is directly in line with it

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BOSS Audio MC420B


Another motorcycle sound system from BOSS Audio, the MC420B is a simple two-speaker audio set with Bluetooth capability and great sound outputs. It’s a compact and light set that can be installed on several motorcycle styles.

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It comes with an amplifier running on a maximum of 600 wattage power. This specification is good enough for music to be heard on fast speeds (50-60 mph) or on noisy highways.

It has a single pair of speakers that are as powerful as four speakers can be. They are capable of producing loud and clean sounds even on a fast riding speed.

The amplifier also features an auxiliary input for your smartphone or other music devices. Plug them on the jack and you’re set. Bluetooth connectivity is also one of its lauded capabilities.

The amplifier doesn’t have a power button or an on-off switch. Your bike’s battery might run out fast because the amp might stay open even after your ride. You have to buy a separate relay switch for the amp.

The set is only water-resistant. This means that it must be protected from the rains otherwise, it might malfunction pretty much sooner than you expected.

Riders with motorcycles that have long battery life may use the BOSS Audio MC420B freely. Also, people who only want powerful dual speakers installed on their bikes might want to try this.


  • Amplifier power of 600-wattage at the maximum
  • Two pieces of high-quality speakers
  • Auxiliary input jacks and Bluetooth enabled

  • No power button or on-off switch
  • Water-resistant system; malfunctions quickly when exposed to rains

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Pyle PLMCA20


The Pyle PLMCA20 is a motorcycle sound system with a pair of handlebar speakers and a mini-amplifier. It works on 12 volts and has a wired on and off control. The full set comes with installation accessories and instructions.

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The speakers are designed to be mounted onto motorcycle handlebars. The built-in clamps are made of stainless steel and are sturdy enough to hold them in place. The clamps make for an easier and hassle-free installation on the handlebars.

Expect crystal-clear audio with PLMCA20. Even at 70 mph or over noisy pipes, you will still hear your music. The system also includes a music equalizer with a fair amount of bass to it.

This particular motorcycle sound system can fit most bike styles. It weighs just 3.52 lbs., and the speakers come in 3” diameter each. It’s compact, lightweight, and stylishly designed.

The speakers are waterproof. However, the amplifier is only water-resistant. You may place the amp in a saddle bag or install it somewhere in your bike that doesn’t get wet.

Bass settings in the equalizer needs to be frequently adjusted, especially when listening to rap songs or bass-heavy music. The bass can be heard fairly well but not good enough for you to fully enjoy. 

This speaker set is for riders who are living or frequently visiting in rainy areas. Just place the water-resistant amplifier in a sturdy waterproof bag and you’re all set. 


  • A pair of speakers with built-in stainless steel clamps for handlebar mounting
  • Clear audio delivery over loud engine noise and fast speeds
  • Simple design, lightweight, compact, and can fit most motorcycles 

  • Water-resistant amplifier that might be easily destroyed by rains
  • Medium quality of bass settings in the equalizer

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Familyus New Style Sound System


The Familyus New Style Sound System is a rounded rectangular shaped audio system with two speakers and an amplifier. It has mounting brackets for handlebar installation. It’s a radio, alarm and music player rolled into one.

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The sound quality of this audio system is overall great. At 55 mph and above, you’ll still hear quality music. Your playlists will sound nice and clear without distortions for the most part.

It supports different music sources. It can scan and play FM stations with ease. The display screen shows the FM frequency you’re currently listening to. Bluetooth is also enabled, and slots for SD cards and USBs are available.

Its unique feature is its ability to set time and alarms via its clock feature. Buttons for these settings are located together with the other music navigation buttons.

Mounting brackets are available on both ends of the device. However, they only fit on bicycle handles, not on motorcycle handlebars. You can use zip ties instead to securely mount them on your handlebars.

The wirings may get quite complicated, too. Installing it in bikes with no plug on the power supply may take some time.

The Familyus New Style Sound System will be enjoyed by both amateur bikers as well as professional riders. People who are always on-the-go will appreciate its alarm feature.


  • Clear sound quality even at 55 mph speeds and above
  • Supports music sources via external device slots, Bluetooth, and FM radio frequencies
  • Can adjust clock preferences and set alarms

  • Mounting clamps do not fit standard motorcycle handlebars
  • Complicated wiring system

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There you have it, a few of the best motorcycle speakers that you might want to try. Check each brand’s specifications carefully and get the one you think will work for you.

With the information in this article, I hope you become enlightened on what kind of motorcycle audio system you’d want to buy. Enjoy riding to your favorite music’s beat with your new motorcycle speakers in tow!