Best Outdoor Projectors

Do you enjoy the darkness of your backyard at night? Do you also love having a movie night in it? Yes? Then, you should take a look at the best outdoor projectors the market has to offer.

Outdoor projectors have 2,000 lumens or higher. Though they are labeled ‘outdoor’, they can also be used in different places such as inside your home, in your school, or in your office. These projectors will absolutely give you the best movie night experience.

Outdoor Projectors Reviews

Optoma EH500


The Optoma EH500 is a high resolution projector that projects images at 4700 lumens and 1080p definition. The output brightness is suitable for a large screen set up or areas with intense lighting.

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Epson EX5250


The Epson EX5250 is perfect for projecting detailed presentations because it offers 75% higher resolution than most of the other projectors in its class. Its 3600-lumens brightness provides crisp and distinguishable graphics. Its wireless ability enables you to move freely during talks making it fit for crowd speakers.

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Optoma X431


The Optoma X431 has the capability to match the color of its images with that of the projection surface. A brightness of 3300 lumens at a 22,000:1 ratio gives sharper images on a big screen. A 10,000-hour lamp life allows you maximum usage.

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EUG 4200 Lumens HD LCD LED Video Projector


The EUG 4200 Lumens HD/LCD/ LED Video Projector give high quality picture resolution even under bright lights. It has LED lamps and 10W internal speakers ideal for lectures.

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Epson VS345


The Epson VS345 gives vibrant and accurate colors with its 3000 lumens capacity. Its WXGA resolution is double the normal quality and is best for large screen devices. It supports HDMI and single cable connectivity so it reduces the need for several connectors.

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ViewSonic PJD7720HD


The ViewSonic PJD7720HD boasts multiple features like a built-in 10W speakers, keyboard, top lamp door, and cable support system. Its 3200 lumens and 22, 00:1 contrast ratio gives seemingly realistic output. The design is suitable for closed space installation.

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ViewSonic PJD5555W


The ViewSonic PJD5555W has amplified speakers and five viewing options. Output is at 3300 lumens so visuals are clear even under heavy lighting. Additional features are keyboard, top lamp door and cable ports. The model has warranties.

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EUG Home Cinema


The EUG Home Cinema is a complete entertainment package that includes 5W speakers, WIFI, multimedia function, expandable memory, and gadget compatibility. It uses LED lamps with 50,000 hours usage. Plug and play feature allows flash drive sources.

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Sony Portable HD Mobile Projector


Sony Portable HD Mobile Projector’s edge is its sleek and compact built. Its WIFI ability enables you to connect several devices without physical connectors. The automatic focus feature lets you view uneven images clearly.

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The Sony VPLHW45ES has an adjustable screen size that doubles with greater distance. Its specifications are quite basic but the lamp life of 6000 hours is considerable.

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Types of outdoor projectors

Collecting the necessary information, such as crowd capacity, size of the venue and the amount of natural light in the area, is vital to choosing the right projector for an event. There are five types of projectors today, varying in lumen capacity and throw distance.

  • Pocket projectors are small projectors for personal use or small group presentations. These projectors produce 20-1000 lumens, which is the lowest lumen capacity among the five projectors on the list.
  • Multimedia projectors, with lumen capacity from 2500-4500 lumens, are the most versatile among the five projector types. Schools and professional establishments often use multimedia projectors. XGA is the preferred resolution for this projector because it is perfect for Powerpoint presentations.
  • Short-throw projectors, as the name suggests, need to be placed near the viewing panel. These projectors have a maximum lumen capacity of 3000 lumens, which is sufficient for small area setting.
  • Home theater projectors are multimedia projectors with an improved image quality. In fact, this projector uses LDP or LCoS imaging technology, which enables it to provide the best image quality among the five projectors.
  • Large venue projectors, which give up to 20,000 lumens, have the brightest lumen capacity among the five projector types. Aside from that, lecture halls and stadium use large venue projectors because it has the interchangeable-lens system, which enables it to adjust to any throw distance.

FAQs about outdoor projectors

  1. Does screen size and throw distance matter?

The projector’s image quality depends on the screen size and throw distance. Smaller screen size and shorter throw distances result in sharper and more vivid images.

  1. How much brightness is needed for the projector?

In situations with uncontrollable natural source of light, a higher level of brightness or lumen capacity is necessary. As such, people use large venue projectors in these situations.

  1. What resolution is needed for the projector?

XGA resolution of 1024X768 is the standard resolution for most projector types. However, several projectors nowadays have WVGA resolutions of around 1280X800, which is slowly supplanting the XGA resolutions.

  1. What are the connectivity functions of outdoor projectors?

While VGA is the all-reliable input for projectors, most projectors nowadays have HDMI inputs for high resolution display. DVI input also functions as a good substitute and middle ground for VGA and HDMI inputs.

  1. Is the projector’s built-in speakers reliable?

The built-in speakers on the projector does not give any substantial sound system for the unit. An external speaker connected to the main device would be ideal if a person wants a full movie experience.

  1. Can I use 3D projectors?

While multimedia projectors are often advertised as 3D-ready, only home theater projectors, as of the moment, are capable of projecting videos with real 3D video quality and effects.

Key aspects to consider when buying outdoor projectors

Lumens capacity is the most vital feature of a projector. Higher lumen capacity result in brighter and livelier images. Thus, buyers must make sure that the projector’s lumen capacity is sufficient against the natural lighting of the viewing area.

Inputs are also necessary to have a variety of connectivity and resolution options. Inputs include VGA, composite, component and HDMI. Some projectors may also have DVI inputs.

Home theater projectors have the lens shift feature which enables users to disable the trapezoidal effect by adjusting the projection angle. This is a handy feature for uninstalled projectors.

The projector’s maximum throw distance is the farthest distance between the projector and the viewing screen, where the projector maintains the recommended image quality for a particular screen size.

Projectors have native resolutions, which is also the recommended resolution for devices before attaching them into the projector. Following the projectors native resolution is the best way to produce the best image quality.

Dynamic contrast is the version of contrast ratio for projectors. Projectors have been installed with dynamic contrast because contrast ratio is greatly diminished with any presence of natural light.

Tips in using an outdoor projector

The key in buying a projector is thinking that no one projector is always better than the next. Each projector type has unique features that were designed for a special function.

Depending on the event, each projector type can perform well given that the venue of the event can accommodate the maximum throw distance of the projector.

Larger venues often use projectors with the longest maximum throw distance because these projectors can produce a good quality image at far distances. Small rooms, on the other hand, can use any portable and multimedia projectors.

Controlling the natural source of light in the area is key to using the full power of outdoor projectors. Creating a shade increases the projector’s contrast ratio, making images more visible.

The size of the venue correlates with the number of audience. Thus, larger crowds need more powerful projectors. In most cases, however, multimedia projectors do well with medium crowd.

Invest in a projector with high lumen output as it can perform well in most situations. However, there are certain situations where portable projectors can do just as much as high-end projectors, given that the event is in a small room setting.