Best Portable Projector

Normal projectors, that weigh a lot, are a burden to carry especially if you’re an extremely active person. But thanks to the advancement of technology, the best portable projectors are now available.

Portable projectors are good for people, like you, who are always on the go. They can be used for presentations, playing games, watching movies, and many more. They are lightweight, and can be taken anywhere you want it to.

Portable Projector Reviews

Ezapor Mini Projector GM60A


FastFox built this mini projector with built-in TP-Link OS. It has support for 5 types of input: VGA/AV/SD card/USB/HDMI. Its projection distance is from 3 to 13 feet.

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ELEGIANT Portable LED Projector


This portable LED projector is manufactured by ELEGIANT. It shines with 1200 lumens for color fidelity and better image focus. The high quality optical lens is multi-chip-coated.

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iDGLAX iDG-787W Portable Projector


From iDGLAX is a portable projector that works with game consoles, tablets, smartphones and TV BOX. The image size is from 34 to 130 inches.

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ViewSonic PJD5155 Projector


ViewSonic uses the Super Color technology in this projector for richer, superior colors. It has a Blu-ray-ready 3D HDMI input. Clear viewing is assured even when in bright environments.

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ERISAN Portable Projector


This projector from ERISAN has the enhanced LED technology, with brightness 20% more than ordinary LED. This supports 37 to 130 inches of projection size. It has manual image adjustment with keystone.

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Pro Portable Mini LCD Projector


BC US offers this projector with upgraded LED technology for sharper images in dark rooms. The aspect ratio 4:3/16:9, contrast at 800:1 with a native resolution of 800*480.

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Crenova XPE470 Mini LED Projector


Crenova created this projector with eye protection features. It does not use direct LED light source that can hurt the eyes. It has long-throw lenses.

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Optoma ML750 DLP LED Projector


This light, small projector from Optoma has built-in Office Viewer and works just like a full-sized projector. It allows for direct presentation from mobile devices via MHL/HDMI connectivity.

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Roadwi Portable Mini LED Projector


This small projector made by Roadwi delivers big pictures, from 37 inches all the way to 130 inches. The native resolution is 800*480 pixels with electronic vertical and horizontal flip.

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TRONFY TP46 Portable Projector


This projector created by Tronfy can interface with 5V-OUT USB/SD/AV/USB/HDMI. Wireless connection is also available through Wi-Fi connection. It supports Android devices with 4.2 system version and above.

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Types of Portable Projector

Projectors have come in more handy sizes for business, education and entertainment purposes. There are several types of portable projectors that are available in the market.

Mini projectors – You can put these inside suitcases or backpacks, allowing you to use them more conveniently.  They are smaller than the regular-sized projector, but perform the same functions.

Pocket projector – Smaller than the mini-projector, the pocket projector is one, which you can carry in your pocket pocket. You can also compare its function to regular-sized projectors.

Pico projectors – They are smaller than mini projectors and can fit in the palm of one’s hand. Some also refer to them as ultra-portable.

You can also find other types of projectors based on their picture display. These include LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projector, DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector and LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) projector

The features of each type of display differ in quality and lamp life. Most projectors use LED lamps for longer lamp life and low power consumption.

How to Select a Portable Projector

When buying a portable projector, consider the lumens or the number of light that its lamp can emit. Knowing other features can also help in determining which kind is perfect for your preference.

Lumens – LED portable projectors contain a maximum of 1000 lumens at a weight of 4 pounds. Lamp based projectors can weigh up to 10 pounds with up to 5000 lumens.

Battery life – Some portable projectors run on batteries, allowing them to function even when electricity is unavailable. Some of these rechargeable batteries can last for only a couple of hours.

Throw distance – How far you can position the projector away from the screen will determine its screen range. The longer the throw distance, the crisper the picture quality it produces.

Connectivity – You can connect most portable projectors to devices through an HDMI port. Other types, such as the Pico projectors, have various ports like VGA.

Some projectors have advanced networking capabilities and 3D features. For a more high-tech kind, you can find those that can stream content directly from the Internet without needing a computer.

Advantages of Having a Portable Projector

Portable projectors make life easier for the person who is always on-the-go. They do the same functions of a projector, but in a more convenient design.

For students and teachers alike, a portable projector for the classroom can be a life-saver. They don’t need to rent or borrow a projector for class presentations.

For business presentations, portable projectors can work to a businessman’s advantage. It serves as a back-up just in case unexpected things happen to the company projector.

With portable projectors, family movie night is no longer limited to the living room. There will also be no need to purchase drive-in movie tickets. Portable projectors serve as the on-the-go entertainment.

With the help of portable projectors, everyone will have a good view of a presentation, movie or photo slideshow. It also adds more thrill to the gaming experience when used for games.

You can store portable projectors easily in the house or the office as they do not take up much space. Their convenient size allows you to locate them easily when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Projectors

Does it come with an audio feature? Portable projectors have built-in audio speakers that you can enhance by connecting external speakers to laptops and other mobile devices.

Do smaller projectors have shorter lamp life than regular-sized projectors? You can use portable projectors many times like regular-sized ones. They can have lamp life that can last up to 20,000 hours.

Can I connect my IPad to a portable projector? An HDMI cable will allow connectivity from a mobile device to a portable projector. They are available in electronic stores if they do not come with the portable projector package.

Are all portable projectors compatible with Windows and MAC? You can use portable projectors with either software. You can even use them for Apple and Android devices.

Can portable projectors be used outdoors? Portable projectors can work both indoors and outdoors. The best ones for outdoor use will depend on the number of lumens of the projector.

Do portable projectors easily heat up? Portable projectors have built-in fans, allowing you to maintain their cooling temperature. Proper care and maintenance can prevent it from heating up further.