Best Powered Speakers

Are you searching for speakers that will work best for your home cinema audio system? Search no more, because the best powered speakers are already waiting for you in the market.

Powered speakers have built-in amplifiers that make sounds more balanced and clear. They are often used in concerts and other live performances, but they can also be used in other events and purposes that require a high-quality sound.

Powered Speakers Reviews



Behringer’s EUROLIVE B205d is useful specifically in monitoring keyboard and vocal acoustics, multi-media sounds, recording studios and press conferences. Its amplifier technology’s features provides enormous power and wonderful sonic performances.

It is also equipped with microphone preamps and an instrument input.

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RAM15BT Rechargeable PA Speaker


The RAM15BT Rechargeable Powered PA Speaker by Rockville includes the 15″ Speaker, 2 microphones, and built-in Bluetooth connectivity. The microphones have wireless capabilities and the speaker has carry handles and wheels for easy transportation.

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PPHP109WMU Compact Portable PA System


The Compact Portable PA System by Pyle is composed of a 10″ compact speaker that is battery powered and has a peak power output of 1000W.

It also has built-in Bluetooth streaming capabilities, a USB portal, and an SD slot for playing audio. It is also rechargeable.

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The EUROLIVE B210D by Behringer is a 2-way speaker system particularly for playback and live purposes. Its system is lightweight and yet delivers excellent sound performances.

It has an internal feature for freeing the audio of noise and the rate of power consumption is also helpfully low.

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The AKDJ155BTS Pro DJ Amplified Loud Speaker System by Alphasonik is a package that includes the 15″ powered 2800W speaker, a free speaker stand, an LED ring microphone for karaoke, built in Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 player, and digital screen with their full controls.

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DBR12 Powered Speaker Cabinet


The DBR12 Powered Speaker Cabinet is from the DBR Series by Yamaha and this 12-inch speaker has definite sound qualities that are reliable and excellent. Latest applications include the FIR-X tuning for sound optimization.

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THUMP15 Thump Series Loudspeaker


The THUMP15 Thump Series Powered Loudspeaker by Mackie has an output power of 1000 watts; enough power to give life to any party.

The speaker has flexible mounting options and the bass is dynamic and amazing at whatever volume set.

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PW50 RMS Personal PA System


The PW50 RMS Personal PA System by Powerwerks has a small 50W power output. It has a 3-channel mixer and this PA system can be used for private playing of music or recordings.

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Tremor_18-PW PA Subwoofer Speaker Cabinet


The Tremor_18-PW Powered PA Subwoofer Speaker Cabinet by Seismic Audio has an 18″ subwoofer with a root mean square power of 500W and a peak power output of 1000W.

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ZLX15P Powered Loudspeaker


The ZLX15P Powered Loudspeaker by EV has a power output of 1000W. It is versatile and compact, and it has an 18-gauge steel grille.

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How to Select the Best Powered Speakers

Choosing the best powered speakers depends on your audio requirements. Before you go buy your speakers, there are several factors to consider and assist you in making the best choices.

Audience Size: When choosing your powered speakers, know what kind of space you’ll be playing in and the approximate number of people you’ll be playing for.

If you’re playing for a small audience and in a small room, you won’t require much power. If you’re outdoors, however, you want your outside audience to equally hear you. You’ll need more power for a larger audience.

Fixed or Portable: Consider if you want your powered speakers to be fixed or portable. It depends on whether you transfer your speakers from place to place or if you use them in only one location.

Other Features: Some of the cutting-edge features you may need in powered speakers can include remote control or Bluetooth. You may even look for pivot controls having stands.

All-in-One Systems: Nowadays, there are intelligent speaker systems and all-in-one powered (active) speaker systems. If they’re good for work and if you seek to invest, consider a set instead of only powered speakers.

Advantages of Using Powered Speakers

A lot of audiophiles wonder if powered speakers are better than passive speakers when it comes to live performances. Below are some of the advantages of having powered speakers.

No extra power amps needed: While initially buying powered speakers is more expensive than getting passive speakers, you save money on getting power amps. More equipment means more equipment failure risk.

They won’t burn out your mixer: If you’re attempting to use a powered mixer, you may be risking mixer failure. Your mixer’s power amps can fail as well.

However, if you’re using powered speakers with unpowered mixers, the chances of your mixer failing are lesser. Thus, choose a reliable mixer that makes you worry less about burnout.

Matching power means better sound: When you are using powered speakers, the speakers’ manufacturer has matched the power amps to such speaker. You are getting the right power to your speakers.

It means your speakers produce cleaner, better power. You can also hear perfectly-mixed sound. When using power amps, make sure to match the amp to your speakers.

How to Set Up Powered Speakers

You and band are ready to perform in front of a live audience, and you got a powered (active) speaker system for the occasion. All you need to do is set it up and use the system.

Set up your system. You can establish your system using 2 powered monitor speakers, 2 powered speakers, microphones, and mixer. You’ll also need cables and accessories. Run cables smoothly so they don’t snag people’s feet.

Multi-outlet extension and power protection cords. Don’t think you’ll find enough nearby outlets within your powered speakers’ reach. You’ll need sturdy extension cords and a power conditioner (multi-outlet) to help prevent voltage changes.

Stands and cases. Get speaker stands and microphone stands. Raising your powered speakers helps disperse music, and makes it easier for people to listen to your music. Also have handy covers and cases to protect and store your gear.

Place your gear. When you set up your powered speaker system, give yourself time to evaluate your location. Consider where you want your speakers and mixers to go. Place your speakers on either side of the stage.

Power up. Before you turn on your powered speakers, turn on the mixer. This is to prevent switching noise that may damage the speakers. To the mixer, connect a microphone and determine if you get sound from the speakers.

How Powered Speakers Work

Powered speakers have built-in audio amplifiers that allow you to directly use them from equipment like CD players, mp3 players, and mixers without the need for another amplifier. Below are components that make the powered speakers work.

Signal Source: You connect your powered speaker’s input to an audio output that is line-level. Such signal level is the norm for professional and consumer audio equipment, so you can connect various audio gear to powered speakers.

Signal Connection: Wireless and wired connections carry audio signals from the playback device, preamplifier, or mixer to the powered speakers. Some powered speakers use wireless standards like AirPlay or Bluetooth.

Power Source: An electric source drives the powered speakers. Many portable speakers have rechargeable battery packs. Some powered speakers plug into a standard commercial convenience outlet.

Speaker: The speaker is hardwired to an amplifier; thus, removing the need to match signal polarity or speaker and amplifier impedance. Pocket-sized powered speakers have one drive that is wide-range.

Audio Amplifier: This powered speaker component boosts the incoming signal’s power by boosting to adequately loud levels for enjoyable listening. The amplifier substantially adds weight, especially for bigger models.