What is Best Screen Recorder? Recommended Screen Recording Software

Have you ever heard of Pewdiepie? Well, he’s an immensely popular YouTuber who shows how he plays games to his legions of fans, or the Bro Army as they are called. Well, he wouldn’t be able to make those videos without screen recording software.

I’m always in awe of being able to capture moments like gaming, and I’m sure, a number of you are, too. If you want to start making videos like the ones Pewdiepie does, well, here are the best screen recording software you can use.

Best Free Recorders

DVDVideoSoft:  If you want to save conversations on Skype, especially if you’re dealing with online meetings and conference calls, this one does the job quite well as it offers crisp and precise output.

It even includes a great image editor, video or screen recording modes, snapshot features, and is also available in 10 languages. However, output only comes in AVI, which means that it won’t be in HD.

CAMStudio: This is perfect for those who are looking for a minimalistic approach to recording. No-fuss recording is done as this program is easy to navigate. Features include custom cursor, AVI to Flash converter, a screen-in-video format. It’s best for high end computers, though, as it slows down the RAM, and there’s also the off-chance that it may bring viruses.

ShareX: This free program works great with Linux, but could work for other operating systems, as well. It supports URL services, makes use of various recording sizes, and includes custom colors and watermarks, too. However, it may not be suitable for game recording as it tends to be a bit slow.

Best Paid Recorders

TinyTake: With this one, you have a choice to pay between $29.99 and $199.95 each year. This recorder has a built-in file viewer, sharing buttons, and mobile-friendly video viewer. Do take note that there is a 2-hour limit for recording, though.

FlashBack: FlashBack is perfect for game enthusiasts as it offers HD recording sessions, the use of multiple monitors, and even panning and zooming options. However, it doesn’t automatically track the current window you’re using. It is available for $99 to $199.00/year.

Madcap Mimic: This is one of the best recorders out there, mostly because it allows you to add interactive content to your videos, has a wide range of effects and output formats, and has free product upgrades, too.

The only problem is there is a built-in watermark that comes with every output. It is available for $144/year, or you can pay a lifetime fee of $428.00.

Best Recorders for Windows

Camtasia Studio: This recorder could easily be integrated with Google Drive so you can be sure that your work would automatically be saved and your efforts won’t be for nothing. It even works with an app so you can record and edit on the go! You can get this for $299.00.

EZVid: This free program has a built-in YouTube Uploader, a video wiki, and even a synthesizer to enhance the quality of your videos.

Best Recorders for the Mac

Screenflow: This one offers precise, clear output, and even makes you more in control of what you’re doing. You can pan, zoom, and even crop the videos, but you do have to be mindful of how heavy it can be for your computer. You can get this for free.

QuickTime Player: Another free program, this one is perfect for beginners who like that kind of tutorial-feel while recording and editing their videos. That could be a problem for professionals, though, but might still come in handy.

Best Recorders for Linux

Shutter: This gives you the chance to record just a part of the screen or all of it. Aside from recording, it also makes editing precise and easy, and you can even choose the parts you want highlighted. It may seem complex at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Simple Screen Recorder: This is a no-fuss, no-frills screen recorder that allows you to easily capture what you’re doing, and even allows you to play what you have recorded direct on the VLC player.

Real Time Fun

So, there you have it. I hope you liked this selection of recorders, and that you had a fun time reading this, especially if you’re into screen recording, like me.

If you happen to try any of these, do let me know how you liked—or didn’t like them in the comments. Don’t forget to share with your friends, as well!

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