Best Shower Speaker

Best Shower Speaker

Sometimes, when you just want to unwind and take a relaxing bath, you want music to complete the vibe in your bathroom. Listening to relaxing music while in the shower is a lot easier with the best shower speaker.

Shopping for a shower speaker can be tricky. Apart from having great sound quality, you’ll want something, which is waterproof and portable. You also want something that can connect to your device remotely for easy access.

Having the best shower speaker will allow you to listen to music in your bathroom with comfort and ease. Shower speakers also make great alternatives to regular speakers if you want something light and compact to use on the go.

Superior Sounds BT-W110 Waterproof & Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker with Built-in Mini Mic


The Superior Sounds BT-W110 is a waterproof shower speaker, which features a built-in mini mic, allowing you to use it as a speaker phone as well. It connects to your device via Bluetooth technology, is portable and convenient to use.

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Life proof: Aside from being completely waterproof, this shower speaker is also shock proof, dust proof and damage resistant, making it virtually life-proof. It requires low maintenance and performs well, even with regular continuous use.

Easy to use: The Superior Sounds BT-W110 features touch buttons that allow you to pause and play, adjust the volume, navigate through songs forward and back, and answer and end calls.

Great sound quality: One of the most important things you’ll want to look for in a speaker is great sound quality and this particular model delivers just that. You get clean, clear and crisp sounds, thanks to its high definition stereo sound and subwoofer.

Non-standard charging cable: It uses a non-standard charging cable, which can be pretty inconvenient when you’re used to using one standard cable for all your gadgets. Plugging it in with a standard charging cable will not allow you to charge the device at all.

Low volume: While the sound quality is nice, the volume leaves much to be desired. Even at maximum, the volume is still rather soft compared to other shower speakers.

This speaker will be an awesome option for those looking for a basic shower speaker that will allow them to listen to mellow music while enjoying a relaxing bath.

  • Lifeproof
  • Easy to use
  • Great sound quality
  • Non-standard charging cable
  • Low volume

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Mélodie by Dynamique


Mélodie is a portable shower speaker by Dynamique. It comes in five different colors, all of which are pastel hues. It also features a simple yet cute design.

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Water resistant: If you’re planning to take your speakers to the shower, you’ll want it to be waterproof and that is what the Mélodie shower speaker is. It has a waterproof rating of IPX4 so it’s safe to use in water.

Built-in mic: The built-in microphone on the Mélodie shower speaker allows you to use the device as a speaker phone as well, so you can receive and end calls remotely while the speaker is connected to your device via Bluetooth.

Mounts easily: With a suction cup strategically placed at the back of the device, you can easily mount this shower speaker anywhere you like, whether it’s in the shower, on the sides of your tub or on your counter.

No volume control: There is no option for you to control the volume from your speaker so you will have to adjust it from the original device that it is connected to. This is sometimes a hassle.

Made with cheap materials: The speaker looks okay but once you touch it, you’ll notice that it feels light and cheap. It is not also that durable and a few drops here and there can easily affect its performance.

For those who are looking for temporary speaker options, this is a nice steal. It also makes a great gift for kids since there are lots of colors for them to choose from.

  • Water resistant
  • Built-in mic
  • Mounts easily
  • No volume control
  • Made with cheap materials

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iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker


The iFox iF012 is one of the newer shower speaker models from the brand. It’s a rechargeable waterproof speaker that is light, portable and easy to use.

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Fully waterproof and submersible: the iFox iF012 is not only fully waterproof. It is fully submersible as well, which means you can take it with you to the tub without worrying about it falling in and getting drenched.

SIRI-compatible: Love using SIRI? Then you’ll love using this speaker. Aside from connecting to your device via Bluetooth, it is also SIRI-compatible so you don’t have to wait until you’re out of the shower to ask SIRI something.

Long battery life:  This speaker has a charging time of about three hours but can play music and take calls for up to ten hours. Its long battery life also makes it ideal for travel.

Short range connection: The speaker fails to transmit sounds clearly if the device is more than 40 inches away from the speaker.

Poor audio quality: The volume is neither too quiet nor too loud, but the sound quality area has lots of room for improvement. The sounds come off echo-y at times and just plain choppy during calls.

This speaker is ideal for people who just want to give shower speakers a try but are not committed to using them on the daily basis.

  • Fully waterproof and submersible
  • SIRI-compatible
  • Long battery life
  • Short range connection
  • Poor audio quality

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Photive Rain Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker


The Photive Rain Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker is created for both indoor and outdoor use. Its rugged rubberized exterior allows you to clean it easily and take it anywhere, be it indoor or outdoors.

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Sturdy and durable: The Photive Rain Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Shower Speaker has a rubberized exterior, making it easy to clean and impact-resistant. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof and has a rating of IP65.

Loud and clear sound and volume: The volume of this speaker is loud and great for those who want to rock out to their favorite songs. The sound quality is nice, too. It’s clean and crisp.

Easy to use: It allows you to turn the device on and off, turn the volume up or down, skip or fast forward through songs and answer and end calls with different buttons to avoid confusion.

Battery drains quickly: One of the downsides of this product is that the battery drains quickly and a full charge can’t even last five hours.

Connection issues: It takes a while for this speaker to be paired up with other devices because of the spotty Bluetooth and it tends to disconnect while in use, too, when moved.

This Bluetooth shower speaker is great for those who are looking for something that they can use both indoors and outdoors.

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Loud and clear sound and volume
  • Easy to use
  • Battery drains quickly
  • Connection issues

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Portable Outdoor and Shower Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker by AYL SoundFit


From AYL SoundFit comes this portable outdoor and shower Bluetooth speaker that’s waterproof, lightweight and portable. This speaker is small but packs a powerful punch in the volume department.

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Waterproof: The speaker is waterproof and you can use it in the shower, on a hike, while fishing, and while doing other water-based indoor and outdoor activities.

Loud volume: For the size that this speaker comes in, you’ll be surprised at how loud it is. It is almost comparable to a regular speaker and as great volume control features.

Good sound quality: Aside from the loud volume, this speaker also has great sound quality. It delivers a clean and crisp sound that is often hard to get from tiny speakers with loud volume.

Does not hold a charge long enough: This speaker requires a charging time of at least three hours, which can only last for about 30 to 40 minutes despite the ad saying it will last for 12 hours.

Not for spoken audio: This speaker is great for listening to music but not for listening to spoken audio like those from audio books. It sounds choppy and will sometimes sound unintelligible.

This is a great speaker for those who love listening to loud jams while in the shower or while doing activities outdoors.

  • Good sound quality
  • Loud volume
  • Waterproof
  • Does not hold a charge long enough
  • Not for spoken audio

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Now that you have an idea of what to look for when shopping for the best shower speaker, it’s time to decide.

These five options are some of the most popular out there, and it’s totally up to you to compare them to see which one(s) fits your needs best.