The Best Video Editing Software for All Platforms

Have you ever wanted to create a movie or montage of sorts, and felt like you’re not using the right video editor? I experienced this a lot back in college since I took up a media-related course.

Years later, while working in an advertising firm, I realized just how important using the best video editing software is to get your message across. Thus, I decided to write this post to help you guys out there who are having a hard time finding the right video editor to use. Here are your best bets…

Best Video Editor for Windows

Sony Vegas Movie Studio: This is something that I first learned to use back in college—and it’s still reliable today. Deemed to be the perfect fit for the Windows OS, this has amazing real-time effects, transitions, stability, and fonts.

It supports AVI, WAV, MP4, MPEG-4, Quicktime, and WMV for both input and output formats. You can get it for $49.95, but a trial version is available, as well.

AVS Video Editor: There’s also AVS—a video editor that can easily help you share your videos on social media channels—definitely an important thing these days. It has great Blu-Ray support, and professional-quality resolution.

It works with MPEG, MKV, SWF, MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and DAT formats. You can buy it for $59.00.

Best Video Editor for Mac

iMovie: Designed to perfectly work with any iOS device you own, iMovie boasts of high-definition resolution that gives your work that crisp, professional appeal.

With it, you can even watch videos from Fine Tune or Apple TV, too, and edit on the go! It works with Quicktime format, and is available for $14.99.

Final Cut Pro: A lot of professionals and students alike use this, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s so easy to work with as it allows you to use keyboard shortcuts that other editors don’t allow. Oh, and it was used to edit movies like The Social Network.

It supports any format that works with QuickTime. The price is a steep $299.00, but hey, with features such as having 99 audio and video tracks, storyboard options, and non-destructive editing, you surely can’t go wrong!

Best Video Editor for Linux

KdenLive: This open source video editor makes way for linear timecode display that makes you add what you want to add in precise fashion. It allows you to pause rendering, and has incredible transition effects, too.

KdenLive works with popular video formats such as MPEG-2, and MP4. As it is an open source program, you can get it for free!

Cinerella: Might as well be “Cinderella” as this is a dream come true for editors everywhere. It makes way for multi-track, and non-destructive editing, HD Support, and Linear Timecode Display. If you’re adept in C++ programming, you can use your skills with this, too.

Cinerella works with every format you can think of, and is available for free!

Best Free Video Editors

VirtualDub: It’s always good to have a video editor that easily works with large numbers of files, otherwise known as batch processing, and this one does the job quite well.

It’s meant for 32 to 64-bit Windows platforms, and also has great quick capture abilities, audio track insertion, video splitting, and compression features. It’s compatible with WAV, AVI, Flash, and MPEG outputs, as well.

Pitivi: This works for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and offers precision-based video editing capacities. With top of the line effects and filters, you certainly can’t go wrong with this one. Pitivi works with most formats, and you can choose the language you want, as well.

iVSEdits: Perfect for those who want simple, non-complex editing, iVSEdits is easy to use but has a great features, such as hardware integration, real-time editing, multi-camera editing, and live inputs that would make your projects stand out.

Best Paid Video Editors

Corel Video Studio: One of the popular ones on this list, this one easily helps you find the right overlays that would fit your videos. It also makes way for storyboard editing, HD Support, and non-destructive editing, among others.

It works with almost every video format—including mobile formats, and you can get it for $79.99.

Cyberlink PowerDirector: This one is so easy to navigate, even beginners would appreciate it. It has 100 audio and video staples, has HD support, and even has its own app—so you can easily edit your work on the go!

It works with formats like Quicktime, WMV, MKV, MPEG-4, MVC, DAT, AVI, and FLV, and you can get it for $74.99.

Sony Vegas Pro: I started with Vegas, so it’s but fitting that I end with Vegas, too, right? Well, Sony Vegas Pro has more powerful effects than its little brother, such as 4K Video Support, stereoscoping 3D editing, DVD design and layout, and even media management, as well. This program works with almost all formats, even MP3, and you can get it for $599.95.

Choose what works for you!

You see, this vast selection of video editors show that no matter which project you’re working on, you’d definitely find something that’s right for you. Having worked with videos over the years, I just wanted to share what I have experienced with these programs, so that hopefully, you get to make the best choice.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think in the comments, and share this with others if you like the list.

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