Best in Wall Speakers

Are you looking for a speaker that will blend well with your home? Look no more! The best in wall speakers are here to fulfill your needs.

In-wall speakers are speakers that can be installed in a wall, just like their name suggest. They have the same quality of sound that bookshelf and floor-standing speakers produce. But the thing with them is that, they’ll look great in your home. Some of them are also easy to install.

Wall Speakers Reviews

Polk Audio 255C-RT


The Polk Audio 255C-RT is suitable for discreet inlays. This series has a centerpiece that can be hidden without affecting the sound quality. The vanishing series includes thin and secured grilles, precision flange, and templates.

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Polk Audio RC80i


The Polk Audio RC80i speaker is water-proof and perfect for almost all locations. The speakers deliver a decent middle range sound with more bass undertones. The tweeter comes with a 15-degree swivel suitable for a dynamic home.

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Yamaha NSIW960


The Yamaha NSIW960 has a crossover network that reduces sound distortion. Its light and slim built is perfect for ceiling installations. The tweeter domes are adjustable for optimal listening while Kevlar subwoofers offer loud but neutral audio. All frames and grilles are customizable.

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Acoustic Audio HT-55 5.1


The Acoustic Audio HT-55 5.1 is highly sensitive with a high frequency response. Speakers can handle 1000 Watts continues usage with minimal maintenance. Each speaker is developed to sync with one another to create a unified sound.

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Bose Virtually Invisible 191


The Bose Virtually Invisible 191 is great for a concentrated sound in a single area. Although the frames and grilles are customizable, adjustments are still limited. It is better is areas with ample space for each piece.

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82W Silver Ticket


The 82W Silver Ticket has a solid, moisture-resistant construction, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms, outdoor recreational areas, or even in saunas. The speaker also has a 20mm silk dome tweeter to produce crystal-clear sounds.

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82CUF Silver Ticket


The 82CUF Silver Ticket is good for simple home installations. It has movable tweeter domes to improve sound quality. It’s water-resistant so it can be installed in bathrooms, saunas or outdoor sheds.  The speaker delivers simple yet seamless audio.

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Pyle PDIC80T


The Pyle PDIC80T is a hassle-free cut out installation speaker that gives great audio for home entertainment systems. The built-in wiring allows immediate fixes. The speaker can endure high ceiling temperatures.

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Pyle PDIC60 In-Wall


The Pyle PDIC60 In-Wall projects an organized ambience with its wire mesh cover and solid color. Speakers can handle high temperature voice coils with limited maintenance. The titanium tweeter dome gives a full audio. The size is suitable for home improvements.

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Definitive Technology UEZA/Di


The Definitive Technology UEZA/Di is a modest in-wall speaker. It is easily mountable and has movable aluminum domes for better sound coverage. Grilles are modifiable without affecting the speaker function.

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Features of in-wall speakers

In-wall speakers are the newest trend in speakers that replaces the conventional floor-standing speakers. The in-wall speakers have several good features that explain its appeal to the people.

Good in-wall speakers have a rotating tweeter. This enables the user to change the direction of the sound as it leaves the speaker, which give users more freedom in finding the best acoustic arrangement for the room.

Conventional sound systems need two channels to produce stereo sounds, but the in-wall speakers merges the two channels, producing stereo sound in a single speaker.

As such, in-wall speakers can provide a surround sound upon proper setup with other speakers. Placing the in-wall speakers at ear level, along with using the tweeter, can create an acoustic sweet spot necessary for better sound imaging.

These in-wall speakers can also be placed in bathrooms because it is water-resistant and can take on certain levels of humidity. The hidden wiring of in-wall speakers make bathrooms a perfect location.

Also, most in-wall speakers have an enclosure; this works, not only as a durability feature, but as an acoustic advantage as well. The enclosure amplifies the bass sound produced by the speakers.

Setting up the in-wall speakers

Installing in-wall speakers in various locations yields varying acoustic effects. A professional sound technician can help in setting up the optimal location for the in-wall speakers.

Voice matching is an important concept when setting up an in-wall speaker. This means that the in-wall speakers must have the same tonal properties as with the other installed speakers to amplify the acoustic character.

The front left and right channels are the first roles for in-wall speakers. These in-wall speakers are installed vertically on the side of the listening area.

The in-wall speaker can also be used as a central channel. It is important, however, that the central channel has a tweeter to provide an even distribution of sound across all listening locations.

In-wall speakers can also function as side and rear surround sound speakers. Installing in-wall speakers beside and behind the audience creates the feeling of deep immersion.

An in-wall subwoofer can help amplify the low frequency in the sound system. Combining it with the various placement combinations of in-wall speakers completes the home theater setup.

Things to consider before installing an in-wall speaker

Placement is a vital factor to consider before installing in-wall speakers. Finding the correct spot for the in-wall speakers around the listening perimeter will produce better acoustic results.

Before installing in-wall speakers, it is important to check for obstructions in the wiring path from one speaker to the next. This will prevent any undue accidents due to conflicting lines.

Shape and wiring affect in-wall speaker’s sound quality. Most in-wall speakers have a cone structure, which produces good overall sound. Wiring type can affect the sound quality as well: shorter and thicker wires produces better sound quality.

Humidity and moisture can destroy in-wall speakers. If the in-wall speakers will be installed outside the house, experts suggest using outdoor speakers that can handle the elements of the weather.

Buying the in-wall speaker that has the latest audio technology and will stay for a long time is a good material investment; once in-wall speakers are installed, taking it back would be a waste of time, energy and resources.

In-wall speakers work best under these considerations. Installation of in-wall speakers must be strategic to get the best out of it for a longer period.

Advantages of using in-wall speakers

In-wall speakers bring several acoustic and aesthetic advantages for a room. Knowing these advantages can help in deciding if in-wall speakers are a right fit for the place.

Aside from being a good audio equipment, in-wall speakers maintain the aesthetic value of the house; the visual appeal of the in-wall speakers add character to the walls.

Unlike conventional floor-standing speakers, in-wall speakers do not consume floor space. In addition, the speaker’s wire clutter, a common problem with wired gadgets, will be eliminated.

Since in-wall speakers are installed directly inside the walls, it eliminates wall reflection that can cause the sound quality to diminish. Floor-standing speakers often do not provide the expected sound quality due to this reason.

As an additional acoustic advantage, the wall increases the in-wall speaker bass parameter which makes the overall sound system sound deeper. This feature complements subwoofers in providing more astounding and realistic sound effects.

Last but not the least, having in-wall speakers around the perimeter of the listening area can create a surround sound setting. In-wall speakers are perfect surround sound speakers because their flexible placement results into a perfect acoustic immersion.