Want Siri For Android? Try this…

Virtual Assistant apps have come a long way since they were first introduced. What was once a fun novelty is now a feature that some people find invaluable.

If you’re wondering why virtual assistant apps are becoming more and more popular, read on to find out what these apps offer. Here is a list of the best Siri alternatives for Android users.

Google Now

Google Now is Google’s answer to Apple’s Siri. Google Now leverages the full power of Google’s resources to create a personalized experience. It understands your schedule and tries to anticipate your needs, such as telling you about upcoming traffic.

However, some people may not like the fact that Google Now keeps track of information like your search history and the kind of mail you receive in order to tailor itself to you.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Unlike most of the other apps, Dragon Mobile Assistant relies on its own voice dictation engine rather than Google’s—and it’s pretty impressive. You can set reminders and appointments, dictate texts, make calls, and search the internet.

Dragon Mobile Assistant is a solid choice backed by a company that specializes in voice dictation software. However, it doesn’t personalize itself to you or try to predict what you want; it only does what you tell it to do.


Assistant is a beautiful app with lots of features. It tries to predict your needs according to the way you use your phone. You can customize it by setting custom voice commands and you can even change your assistant’s appearance.

Assistant is a powerful too, but it may have too many features that some people don’t need. If you only need to keep track of your schedule and dictate texts, the other alternatives will suit you just as well.

AIVC (Alice)

AIVC allows you to make calls, write texts and emails, set an alarm, and do various other things through voice control. It may be a bit simple compared to the other apps, but its simplicity makes it a good choice for people who’ve never used virtual assistant apps before.

The free version of AIVC comes with ads, which may bother some people. However, if you enjoy the app, you can buy the Pro version which has no ads and a few more features.

Smart Voice Assistant

Smart Voice Assistant doesn’t have tons of features, but you can set specific voice commands for all the actions. Unfortunately, it’s not usable in its default state. You must configure all of shortcuts yourself, which won’t appeal to some people.

Smart Voice Assistant is for people who want a virtual assistant that does just what they want it to do—and no more. After setting it up, your virtual assistant will work just the way you want it to.

Although it may seem a little strange to talk to your phone, highly encourage you to gives these apps a try and see how they can help you get things done. I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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