Best Apps and Websites for Identifying Songs

Have you ever heard a great song in a movie or while you’re in a store that you wish you could listen to again? Do you have songs stuck in your head but you can’t remember the title?

If so, then check out this list of ten popular sites and services which can be used to find out what song is playing.


Siri: iPhone users don’t need extra software. You can identify a song by activating Siri and asking her what song is playing. You can say “Siri, name that tune” and start playing the song.

SpotSearch for Spotify (Lite): This app allows you to search for a song using its lyrics instead of playing it. The Lite version has ads, which are removed if the full version is bought.


Google Now: Like iPhone users, Android users can also quickly use their phones to find out what song is playing. Use Google Now to find out by saying, “OK Google, what song is this?” or other similar phrases.

Soundhound: Soundhound is a powerful app that not only identifies your songs, but also introduces you to new music every day. It integrates with Spotify and Pandora, displays a lot of interesting information, and can even be used hands-free.


Cortana: For people with Windows 10, you can use Microsoft’s virtual assistant. Open Cortana and ask, “What is this song?” before playing the song. Make sure you’re not wearing headphones and that your laptop’s microphone can pick up the sound.

Cortana is also available on Android and iOS.

Musixmatch Lyrics & Music Player: Musicxmatch is a powerful music ap that has one of the largest databases of songs. It also gives you song lyrics and even translations of song lyrics. It integrates with Amazon, iTunes and 7-Digital.


Shazam: Shazam is the best choice for Macs. It runs in the background, so you don’t have to activate it; if you’re watching a movie, Shazam can detect the songs. Later, you can check what songs your Mac “heard” and identified.

Shazam is also available on Windows, iOS, and Android.


Although virtual assistant apps are a common way to identify songs, some people prefer to use websites. You can access more information such as lyrics, song details, or the album it came from.

Simply type the lyrics of the song in a search engine. However, if that doesn’t work, then here are some other ways to identify your songs:

Midomi: Midomi is a sleek and user-friendly website that helps you find that song that’s stuck in your head. You can play the song, sing it, or even hum it. It then lets you compare your recording and the song.

Name My Tune: This is ideal for obscure or old songs that other software can’t identify. This simple website uses the knowledge of other music lovers who may recognize your song. You can also listen to others’ clips and identify some songs yourself.

WhatZatSong: WhatZatSong is a more interactive way to identify songs that other software can’t find. After creating an account, you can upload audio clips and wait for someone to recognize it. You can also listen and comment on other clips too.

AudioTag: AudioTag is a website that scans and analyzes your music and gives you the complete song information in return. Its database has over a million songs across a variety of genres and languages.

These apps and websites are a great way to discover new music, or re-discover old favorites. I hope you enjoyed this list and found some useful tools to help you  build your music collection.

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